Resources for Transfer Students

To make the transition to Nazareth as smooth as possible, every transfer student will be required to take a zero-credit Academic and College Success for Transfer Students (ACS 090) course. This course is designed to assist transfer students in making a successful transition to Nazareth University. It focuses on providing resources, fostering important relationships, and helping students understand the Core and University policies and procedures. Many of the courses taken from previous institutions should satisfy the core curriculum requirements. The core curriculum places emphasis on integration, therefore the task of a transfer student will be to connect prior learning experiences to knowledge learned during time spent at Nazareth University. 

For more information, refer to the Policies for Transfer Students document.

What Core Courses are Transfer Students Required to take?

Although most credits taken from previous institutions should transfer, Nazareth University requires all transfer students to take certain courses on campus. These include:

  • Academic and College Success for Transfer Students (ACS 090)
  • The Core Milestone Experience (CME)
  • At least 2 Perspective-Enduring Questions (P-EQ) courses
What Courses Will Transfer?

The following courses may transfer:

  • Up to 6 P-EQ courses
  • 1 Health and Wellness course
  • The 3 Integrative Studies (IS) courses (all must be upper level courses and at least 2 must be outside your major of study)
  • Experiential Learning (EL) 
What is the Basic Overview of the Core for a Transfer Student?

The Core for transfer students includes the following components:

  1. Academic and College Success for Transfer Students (ACS 090) - (must be taken at Nazareth)
  2. Foundational Courses- (may be transferred in)
  3. Perspective-Enduring Question Courses (P-EQ's)- (2 must be completed at Nazareth, the other 6 may be transferred in)
  4. Integrative Studies- (may be transferred in)
  5. Experiential Learning- (may be transferred in)
  6. Core Milestone Experience (CME)- (must be taken at Nazareth)

For more information on the specific components of the Core: Core Details 

How Do I Register for Classes?

The registration process can be complex, here are useful resources for Nazareth students.

What is NazNet?

How do I register?

Where do I find important registration forms?

Where do I find Advising Worksheets?

How do I get Transfer Credit Approval?

If you still need help, meet with your advisor, contact the Registration & Records Office, or contact Academic Advisement.

Campus Resources

For additional Nazareth University resources, follow the links below:

Support Services : Support Services provides students with information on Academic Counseling such as the Academic Advisement Center, the Student Success office, Charles G. Mills Writing Center, and the Michael C. Walker Math Center. Additionally, students can find information on Career Services, Residential Life, Health Services, Counseling Services, Center for Spirituality, Campus Safety, Student Accessibility Services, and IT services.

Computer Labs: This link provides students with information on rooms with Smartboards, hours of operation, the 24-hour lab, and SmartRooms.

Dining Services: Dining Services provide information on where to eat, hours of operation, daily menus, and allergy information.

Commuter Meal Plans: Provides specific information on meal plans for commuters. 

The Commuter Lounge: The commuter lounge is an enjoyable space for commuters to relax in-between classes. It is fully equipped with 4 computers, one printer, a television, tables, couches, a sink, microwave, and refrigerator.