COVID-19 Resources


Voluntary Pre-Departure Testing

Before Thanksgiving/winter break, Nazareth is offering students free COVID-19 testing on campus during specific walk-in times. Details: Voluntary Pre-Departure Testing »

Throughout 2020-21

  • Who needs testing: Nazareth encourages and supports testing for all students, faculty, and staff with COVID-19 symptoms, or if you have been in close contact (defined below) with someone who has tested positive. Test results in these situations are very important to prevent the spread of the virus to your family, friends, classmates, professors, and others.
  • We are currently evaluating how and when surveillance testing will become part of our management strategy. In the meantime, we are directing members of our community without symptoms or exposure but who would like to be tested to available testing centers in the Rochester community. (See Testing sites, below.)
  • Testing is required for current athletes. See Athletics: Return to Play.

Steps to follow

  • Daily for students, faculty, and staff: Complete Nazareth’s daily COVID-19 screening, which is required for you to be on campus. Even if you are not going to be on campus, fill out the screening any day you develop at least 2 of the symptoms listed on, or if you believe you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive. This gives the appropriate Nazareth office a heads up, to help you take appropriate next steps.
  • If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or if you receive a “red” result on your Nazareth daily COVID screening, do not come to campus, or, if you are a residential student, do not leave your residence hall room. You will get instructions about what to do next.
    • Students: Contact Health and Counseling at 585-389-2500 to discuss next steps. If it’s after hours, contact the state Health Department COVID Hotline at 888-364-3065 or start with the state's online COVID assessment tool
    • Faculty and staff: Human Resources will contact you to review your situation and discuss the next steps.
  • Testing sites: If you need a COVID-19 test, testing site information is available by calling 888-364-3065 or start with the state's online COVID assessment tool. Nazareth also keeps a list of Urgent Care/COVID-19 Testing sites nearby.

Key things to know

  • Nazareth College’s screening and testing approach is based on the latest guidance from the NYS Department of Health, Monroe County Department of health, local testing sites and health partners, as well as the guidelines on testing for college populations from the American College Health Association and from the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP).

  • PCR molecular testing is available on campus for students with symptoms or who have been in close contact (defined below) with someone who has tested positive. Test results will be delivered by phone and/or email, with instructions on next steps.  
  • As options for testing — specifically surveillance testing and associated research-based strategy — evolves, we are considering how and when surveillance testing should become part of our management strategy. Nazareth health and safety officials are in daily contact with state and regional partners for the latest updates and will adjust protocols as conditions warrant.

Testing FAQs

If I have symptoms, how long do test results take? What happens in the meantime?

  • Lab test results typically return within 1-4 days, depending on the number of tests a lab is processing at the time you are tested. 
  • While you are waiting for results (when testing is due to exposure or symptoms), you should prepare to quarantine in a designated space. Students, while you are in quarantine, you will be monitored and supported by Health and Counseling Services and Residential Life. You will be offered remote access to your classwork, if you feel well enough to participate in online learning. If you are too sick to participate, you should speak with a medical provider to discuss how your symptoms are impacting your ability to attend class, and a medical excuse may be provided, depending on your symptoms.
  • You will be cleared from quarantine by the Monroe County Department of Health. Nazareth alerts the state and local health departments of positive test results for COVID-19.

If I have symptoms and get tested, how do I get my test results?

Your testing site will call or text you with your results, and/or offer you access to an online lab reporting site where you can view your results.

Do I have to pay for a COVID-19 test?

  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, tests are covered by all New York State health insurers. If you are from out-of-state, please contact your health insurer directly to see if testing is covered.
  • If you go to a test site run by New York State, there is never any charge for your test. If you go to a test site operated by local governments, private companies (including pharmacies and medical practices), or not-for-profit organizations, ask the testing site and your insurer in advance of being tested whether you will be responsible for any fees.
  • Health and Counseling Services will make a clinical determination to guide you on testing. If you have COVID symptoms and are tested by Nazareth Health and Counseling, the office will bill your health insurance company.

If I have symptoms, do I still need a COVID test if I’ve had antibody testing that showed I have antibodies?

At this time, antibody testing does not guarantee immunity to COVID-19, meaning you may be able to be reinfected. If you've had a positive antibody test and develop symptoms of COVID-19 and/or are exposed to someone who tests positive, you should follow the steps above for “if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or if you receive a ‘red’ result on your daily Nazareth COVID screening.”

What actions should I take and what should I expect if I have a positive COVID-19 test?

Students who test positive:

  • First: If you receive results from an off-campus lab, please call Health and Counseling, 585-389-2500. If it's after-hours, contact Campus Safety at 585-389-3333 to report the positive result. That first step will initiate important next steps, most efficiently, including the College officially notifying your faculty/coaches, the health department, Nazareth's director of Residential Life (if you live on campus), and initiating any needed cleaning and academic accommodations.
  • Provide: Date tested, date symptoms started (if any), list of symptoms (if any), and details about where you spent time on campus — meaning more than a continuous 15-minute period within the last 7 days (for cleaning purposes). Indicate the nature of your activities in those locations, whether you were wearing a mask, whether others around you were wearing a mask, etc. Provide a list of people (and ideally their contact information) whom you were in close contact with (using the contact tracing definition of a close contact) during the 48 hours before symptoms began, or the 48 hours prior to the positive test if no symptoms. You can refer to your personal calendar and social media accounts to help recall what you were doing, and who you were with.
  • You must sign a Release of Medical Information form, provided by Health and Counseling, for Nazareth staff to be able to provide information to faculty, residential life, campus safety, student accessibility, and other departments to support you as needed. 
  • If you live on campus: You may choose to leave and isolate at home with your family; however, it will be important to avoid any public transportation when traveling home (train, bus, plane). See guidance: CDC isolation details. If you cannot isolate at home with family, you will be offered isolation housing on campus. Health and Counseling, Residential Life, and Campus Safety will coordinate to safely transport you and your needed belongings from campus housing to the isolation house (which has WiFi). You will be provided with information about what to expect in isolation and emergency contact numbers. You can order food online and have meals delivered. Residential Life will check in regularly (virtually) to see if you need supplies. If you have symptoms that worsen, you will be provided with a medical evaluation at Health and Counseling, a local urgent care, or local emergency department as appropriate.
  • If you live off campus: Prepare to isolate at home, with support from Health and Counseling. See CDC isolation guidance.
  • The COVID-19 Process Flowchart shows how students, the Monroe County Department of Health, and the College are involved in contact tracing, monitoring, and communicating.
  • Also see more details below.

Staff or faculty who test positive:

Prepare to isolate at home, with guidance, and contact Human Resources at or 585-389-2065. See more details below.

Students, faculty, and staff who test positive:

  • Isolation: Expect to isolate for at least 10 days from symptom onset (or from your test date, if no symptoms), and until you've had 24 hours with no fever without using fever-reducing medication, and your symptoms (if any) have improved, per CDC isolation guidance. While in isolation, stay at home or your designated isolation location except to seek medical care. Take infection control measures to prevent the spread of the virus to others. See CDC isolation guidance.
  • Nazareth staff or Monroe County Health Department staff will contact you with information on isolation and infection control, what to do if your symptoms worsen, and also to ask for a list of those in close contact during the exposure time period.
  • Close contact is defined as meeting all 4 criteria:
    1. either you or the other person was not wearing a mask, and
    2. in contact for 15 minutes or more, and
    3. within 6 feet, and
    4. exposure occurred within the time when COVID-19 is contagious, which is:
      • from two days before symptoms began until 10 days have passed and the person is symptom-free for 24 hours
      • or, if the person had no symptoms, then from two days before the positive test until 10 days after the test
  • A contact tracer will then contact those who were exposed and ask them to quarantine, watch for symptoms, and possibly be tested. Your name and any identifying information will not be shared with those who were exposed.
  • Once you have been medically released, you may return to normal activities.

What happens on campus if someone who has been on campus has a positive COVID-19 test?

In addition to the isolation and contact tracing steps above, steps taken on campus include:

  • Health and Counseling and/or Campus Safety will notify Facilities of an exposure, and help determine areas on campus that need to be cleaned. 
  • Affected rooms will be cleaned and disinfected within 24 hours and then need to be vacant for 2 hours after disinfection. Cleaning specialists will wear specialized first-responder equipment that may include headgear/face masks, gowns/gloves, and foot coverings.
  • The College uses the COVID-19 Case Tracker to report positive COVID-19 cases for Nazareth students and employees. The tracker contains no identifying or private information other than to state that a campus community member has tested positive. People who've had a risk of exposure through close contact will be notified directly through contact tracing.

What type of testing is available in the Rochester area? 

  • For people with symptoms, current testing of COVID-19 infection includes the use of molecular testing through a nasal swab.
  • As noted above, Nazareth expects to have access to a limited number of both molecular tests (sent out to a lab) and rapid antigen (in-house) COVID-19 tests.
  • Serologic (blood) testing for antibodies is not readily available, many are not FDA approved, results do not ensure immunity at this time, and should not be used to determine diagnosis of acute COVID-19 infection.
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