History & Political Science Department

Center for Public History

The Center for Public History at Nazareth College connects Nazareth students with the larger community through projects that make the past useful to the public. These projects promote community dialogue, recall lost memories, and instill knowledge. Examples:

  • Built a database about people buried in the Pittsford Cemetery.
  • Collaborated with community scholar David Anderson, students at Monroe Community College, and Nazareth's Center for Service Learning to prepare historical material and develop a set of museum panels on the underground railroad.
  • Partnered with the 1811 Farmington Quaker Meeting House to exploring the role of Quakers in the social movements of the 19th century, such as women's rights and abolition.
  • Worked with the Southwest Community Center to develop voice thread histories of early Rochester.
  • Conducted and prepared oral histories for the Vietnam Era oral history project and the Rochester Hispanic heritage project.
  • Assisted in recapturing the history of Chapeltown, a West Indian community, in Leeds, UK.
  • Worked with K-12 students across Monroe County to develop understanding of African American history in Rochester.
  • Work with Ganandagon, a historic center for Seneca people, to prepare lesson plans on Seneca heritage.
  • Support community history endeavors such as Criminal Injustice film project.
  • Developed the Civil War Roundtable to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, bringing together scholars, reenactors, and interested community members to discuss this watershed moment in U.S. history.
  • Conducted oral histories for the Rochester Latino Oral History project and organized and developed a finding aid for a collection on Latino History in the Rochester Museum and Science Center Library.

Contact Information

Timothy Kneeland

Timothy Kneeland

Professor and Chairperson in History & Political Science
Director in Center for Public History
Golisano Academic Center 454

Student Reflection

"One of the heads of the local Historical Society asked if I would be able to help them create a catalog system for all of their pictures and help them to digitize their collections and help them post it to New York Heritage Online! Boy is it a daunting but fun task! There must be over 1,000 photos and in all different categories!"

"One morning, we spent hours trying to figure out just how many corset factories there were and which ones were which. I spent the morning talking all about your class to the older gentleman and he was so glad to hear that there are classes that teach 'us young folk about keeping history alive.' I truly enjoyed it."

Katherine A. Niver '12