Student Research & Internships

You may choose to do an undergraduate research project as part of your mathematics major, giving you the opportunity to further develop your ability to learn mathematics independently, to make connections between different branches of mathematics, and to work closely with mathematics faculty members.

Research is increasingly valued as our students apply to NSF-funded research programs, graduate programs in mathematics and related fields, and positions in business and industry upon graduation.

Summer REU Participants »

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports active research participation by students in any of the areas of research funded by the National Science Foundation.

Conference Presentations »

Students travel across the country to present their research findings.

MTH 490 Undergraduate Research in Mathematics

Students can earn 3 credits for MTH 490 Undergraduate Research in Mathematics, offered every spring semester, and may use this as one of their mathematics elective courses.

Current and past research projects:

Spring 2021
Spring 2019
Spring 2018
Spring 2017
Spring 2016