Physical Therapy Department

Andrew Bartlett



Andrew S. Bartlett graduated from Utica College of Syracuse University in Physical Therapy in 1997. Prior to achieving his Physical Therapy degree Dr. Bartlett obtained a BS in Therapeutic Recreation and a Masters in Public Administration. Dr. Bartlett received his PhD in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Bartlett is a professor within the Physical Therapy Department at Nazareth College and specializes in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Management. He has over 15 years of physical therapy experience within the home health setting treating individuals with cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions.

Dr. Bartlett has published and has been a manuscript reviewer for the following peer-reviewed journals: Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy, Interprofessional Care, and Home Health Care Now. Additionally, Dr. Bartlett recently published a chapter on clinical reasoning in physical therapy. Research interests include telehealth, cardiorespiratory fitness, and using technology to improve student learning.


Physical therapy clinic at Nazareth College's Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute.

Students learn evidence-based practice at PT clinics

“Teaching about amputations and prosthetics can be challenging when limited to textbooks or videos. These clinical sessions enable small groups of students to work with real patients and to monitor their progress and treatment.” Read more.