Physical Therapy Department

Connie Chau



Dr. Connie Chau's main research interest is motor control with an emphasis on neurophysiology and neuropharmacology. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy, an MS in rehabilitation science from McGill University, and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Montreal, Canada. Dr. Chau undertook further training as a postdoctoral fellow to better understand the changes of receptors in the spinal cord after injury using autoradiographical techniques.

Dr. Chau has published articles in the Journal of Neurophysiology, Progress in Brain Research, and the Journal in Physiology. She has co-authored book chapters on the recovery of locomotion and spinal cord plasticity. She has a keen interest in fundamental scientific research and translational research. Her research goals are to conduct human studies based on animal research findings and develop potential treatment strategies in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological deficits. Dr. Chau is actively conducting studies of locomotion in children and adults. Recently during her sabbatical, she studied motor learning in children at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.