English Language Institute

Apply to the English Language Institute (ELI)

How to Apply

Fill out the application, upload the required forms, and pay the application fee through one online application process.

1. Complete the ELI application online.

2. Upload the documents required to complete the process:

  • Certified Bank Statement showing you or your sponsor has sufficient funds to pay for the estimated costs for the duration of your program. The bank statement should be one page, and the account holder's name should be clearly identifiable. Government or company-sponsored students must have a letter of Certification of Sponsorship or a Financial Guarantee showing support and billing information.
  • Declaration of Finances or Affidavit of Support (legal, notarized letter) with the signature of the sponsor, whether the sponsor is you or someone else.
  • Copy of Visa/Green Card (if applicable)

3. Upload academic records:

  • Official academic record(s) from each high school or college/university attended. Record(s) must include dates of attendance, all subjects studied, and grades earned or marks achieved on examinations. Upon receipt, an evaluation will determine if conditional admission can be issued without additional transcript authentication.
  • Please include an English translation of your academic record(s). 

4. Upload proof of English language proficiency (NOT required for applicants from Nazareth College partner institutions) that meets or exceeds these minimums:

  • TOEFL iBT: 32
  • TOEFL revised paper-delivered test: 24
  • IELTS: 4.0

5. Pay the $50 application fee (waived if referred to the ELI through a Nazareth College partner).


  • July 15 for the fall semester
  • November 15 for the spring semester

If you have questions related to admission or tuition costs, please contact us at eli@naz.edu.

Welcome banners at Nazareth are in multiple languages

Welcome banners at Nazareth are in multiple languages.