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Sacred Texts and Human Contexts

The Sacred Texts and Human Contexts conferences started in 2013. We had a conference on Sacred Texts in Judaism, Christianity and Islam Uniting and Dividing humanity at Nazareth College and selected paper were published in December 2014. Our second conference was in Istanbul, May 2014 on Poverty and Wealth in Judaism, Christianity and Islam and selected papers were published by Palgrave McMillan in June 2016. Our this year conference was on Nature and Environment in Religions at Nazareth College on May 2016 and selected papers are in process for publication. These conferences brings together  scholars not only from USA and Canada but from around the globe to share their research on contemporary issues in religion and social sciences. We welcome you to join us.

Sacred Texts and Human Contexts Next Conference: Women and Gender relations in Religions proposed for 2017 and Theology of Violence and Counter Theologies in Religions is proposed for summer 2018

When: Exact dates are to be announced soon

Where: We are open for venues, please let us know if your college or university would be interested to co-host the conference on your campus

Our next two proposed international conferences will elaborate on how religions have viewed and interpreted their sacred texts throughout their histories with reference to women and gender relations, and theology of violence and  counter theologies in religions respectively and  how people are reconsidering their religious and spiritual teachings about these two very important issues in religions as well as in social sciences.

Please feed us with your thoughts on these topics and we welcome your ideas on any other topic that you would like it to be considered. .

More details will be posted later after our Conference Committee next meeting.

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Radio interview

How does faith guide our approach to climate change? Is environmentalism a religious value? Listen to WXXI public radio's half-hour interview with Thomas Donlin-Smith, professor of religious studies at Nazareth College; Nathan Kollar, co-founder of the Hickey Center; and others.

Why Rochester, New York

  • As the Rochester area moves from one kind of manufacturing to another, and as the educational and agricultural sectors continue to thrive in Western New York, interest in environmental preservation and the development of sustainable practices has increased.
  • The rich traditions of care and reverence for the earth of the Haudenosaunee peoples continue to affect attitudes here.
  • After long public debate, the State of New York has chosen not to pursue hydraulic fracturing technology for resource extraction, at least until there is definitive proof that our rich water resources will not be threatened.
  • The depth and long duration of interfaith activity in the Rochester area, along with our concerns for the earth, provide many local resources that will enrich the conference deliberations.
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