Recommended Technology Purchases

If you plan to bring a new computer to campus, please take a minute to review the information below.

Intel Core i5 Processor Apple M1 Chip or Intel Core i5 Processor
Color Monitor Color Monitor
256+ GB Hard Drive 256+ GB Hard Drive
8 GB memory 8 GB memory
Windows 10 or above MacOS Monterey or above
USB Thumb drive USB Thumb drive
Ethernet port Ethernet port
Wireless g/n/ac (for Laptops) Wireless g/n/ac (for Laptops)

Note: This is a minimum recommended configuration. If you purchase a computer, it ideally should last you through your tenure at Nazareth; however, please note that laptops tend to have a slightly shorter useful life. Your personal preferences and requirements may vary from the recommendation.

For PC laptops, we recommend that it have an Intel-based wireless adapter if possible.  Please ask the vendor when making any purchases.  Other adapter will most likely work fine, but we have seen the best experiences with Intel based adapters for the PC laptops.

Here are links to discount programs that you may want to consider:

Recommended Computer Applications
  • Internet Browser: Current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari (Mac)
  • Security: An antivirus/antispyware program 
  • Productivity SoftwareMicrosoft 365 is free for Nazareth University students

You may purchase discounted software online from places such as:

Resident Hall Internet Access

Nazareth's residence halls feature a high-speed data network and free, unlimited Internet access. In order to make use of network applications such as Naz Gmail, Moodle and Naznet, students will need to connect their computers to the Nazareth network. Most new computers are purchased with networking built in. Detailed instructions will be provided for you upon arrival.

Additional Information
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a warranty service provision for your computer. Nazareth employees will not be in a position to service your computer or install devices/software for you.
  • Due to the increasing number of computer viruses and spyware infections, IT Services expects that ALL computers brought to campus have anti-virus/anti-spyware software installed and you keep the software updated regularly. A subscription may be required to keep your software updated. Please be aware that IT Services reserves the right to disconnect student computers from the campus network if they are found to be infected with a computer virus. The College’s current standard for anti-virus software is Norton Internet Security, but other industry-standard packages such as McAfee are also acceptable.
  • Please familiarize yourself with Nazareth’s Computing Code of Conduct. The College will enforce all aspects of the Computing Code of Conduct, including the abuse of copyrighted material.

Have Questions?

We look forward to helping you make your stay at Nazareth a great experience. Should you have any questions regarding computer purchases or technology issues, stop by the Technology & Media Service Desk located in the Library – Lower Level, call 585-389-2111, or email