Information Technology Services

Recommended Technology Purchases

If you plan to bring a new computer to campus, please take a minute to review the information below.

Intel Core i3 Processor Macintosh Intel Processor
Color Monitor Color Monitor
80+ GB Hard Drive 80+ GB Hard Drive
4 GB memory 4 GB memory
Windows 7, or 8 Mac OS X 10.6 or above
USB Thumb drive USB Thumb drive
Ethernet port Ethernet port
Wireless b/g/n (for Laptops) Wireless b/g/n (for Laptops)

Note: This is a minimum recommended configuration. If you purchase a desktop computer, it ideally should last you through your tenure at Nazareth; however, please note that laptops tend to have a slightly shorter useful life. Your personal preferences and requirements may vary from the recommendation.

Here are links to discount programs that you may want to consider:

Recommended Computer Applications
Resident Hall Internet Access
Additional Information

Have Questions?

We look forward to helping you make your stay at Nazareth a great experience. Should you have any questions regarding computer purchases or technology issues, stop by the Technology & Media Service Desk located in the Library – Lower Level, call 585-389-2111, or email