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Elizabeth M. Zapata

Elizabeth M. Zapata

Director of Marketing & Communications in Marketing & Communications
Golisano Academic Center 167
Chris Farnum

Chris Farnum

Assistant Director, Web Communications and Content Strategy in Marketing & Communications
Golisano Academic Center 171
Contact Chris about the website & content strategy:
Robyn A. Rime

Robyn A. Rime

Assistant Director, Editorial and Creative Services in Marketing & Communications
Golisano Academic Center 173
Contact Robyn about content and Connections:
Alicia A. Nestle

Alicia A. Nestle

Assistant Director - Multimedia & Public Relations in Marketing & Communications
Golisano Academic Center 169
Contact Alicia about social media, etc.:
Contact Julie about public relations:
Kimberly J. Dunay

Kimberly J. Dunay

Assistant Director, Creative Management in Marketing & Communications
Golisano Academic Center 165
Contact Kim about publications and design:
Contact Alex about photos:
Emma Daitz

Emma Daitz

Marketing Coordinator & Web Editor in Marketing & Communications
Golisano Academic Center 175
Contact Emma about web edits, logos, and marketing coordination:
Contact Amanda about web edits and search engine optimization:

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