Marketing & Communications

Enrollment Marketing

The MarComm team supports marketing and communications efforts aimed at recruitment and retention of our students in alignment with the College's mission and strategic vision.

Leveraging engagement data insights, higher education marketplace research, and analytics, we aim to:

  • Connect the most compelling stories of the Nazareth College experience and community to the audiences who value them most at the time in their college decision-making process that it is needed most.
  • Distinguish the experience of a Nazareth College education from that of our competitors.
  • Authentically represent the values of our campus community and the value of our educational experience.
  • Inspire prospective students to enroll or current students to persist.

Marketing your academic degree program or college support service

We partner with people from all facets of campus — our dedicated staff, counselors, advisors, and faculty — and tap into their special expertise and insights. 

If you oversee and seek to market an academic program or college support area that serves our students, follow these steps:

  1. Discuss and obtain the support of your objective and vision with the dean or vice president who oversees your department.

  2. If yours is an academic degree program, download and complete positioning program positioning workbook: 
    • Undergraduate Program Positioning Workbook downloadable » (link coming soon)
    • Graduate Program Positioning Workbook downloadable » (link coming soon)

      The Workbook captures a foundational framework from which we can better connect the values and benefits of your program to the needs and demands of the higher education marketplace of today. It is used to strategically identify marketing opportunities and inform both overall strategy and specific tactics.

      Some program chairs choose to parse out the effort of completing the workbook to several of their key team members in a collaborative approach. Others may prefer to dive into it independently.

      Completing a Workbook is a critical step in bringing a new program to market or marketing a program that has been extensively revised.  
  3. After securing the approval of your dean or vice president, use the Marketing & Communication Request Form (Naz login required) to initiate engaging the help of MarComm.