Marketing and Communications

Environmental Branding

The Marketing and Communication Department provides creative direction and assets, production quality guidance, and project management to ensure that environmental installations accurately reflect Nazareth College and the attributes that make it special and unique. 

Depending on complexity, environmental branding efforts can be major projects that take several months to a full year to develop and complete. 

The first step:

Meet and discuss your ideas and objectives with our team to gain insight on: 

  • Budgeting and potential costs. Refer to Account and Budget Resources from the Office of the Controller.

  • Safety, insurance, and contractor requirements that must be met by any contractor involved in installation and other steps. Refer to Insurance and Contracts from the Office of the Controller.

  • The standards, objectives, and guidelines for expression of the Nazareth College brand. 

  • Timelines and process overview for creation and production.

Environmental branding vs. wayfinding?

Environmental branding