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Nazareth College to go Smoke, Tobacco & Vape-Free in 2017

Published March 08, 2017

Nazareth College will become a smoke-free, tobacco-free and vape-free campus with the beginning of the fall semester in 2017. Currently, smoking is not allowed in any buildings at Nazareth and this extension of that policy to the entire campus and all tobacco products reflects Nazareth's commitment to wellness. The policy encompasses both smoking and smokeless tobacco.

"As a campus that models health and wellness, we are advocating a healthy, safe, and clean environment for our students, visitors and for the Nazareth community," said Nazareth College President Daan Braveman. "This policy will help us achieve that goal."

The tobacco-free policy will be phased in over the next six months. Beginning on August 1, 2017, smoke-free, tobacco/vape-free will become official college policy, and applies to the entire campus, including personal offices and parking lots. Courtesy and consideration will be exercised when informing others unaware of and/or in disregard of the policy. The College's goal is to educate and help those that request assistance. The Nazareth community, coupled with our York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute (YWRI) clinics and programs, have a deep respect for the health of others and for a clean environment and those values will be reflected in compliance with a tobacco/vape-free campus.

The successful implementation of this policy depends on the involvement, respect, courtesy, and cooperation of the entire campus community. Appropriate signage will be posted in campus facilities, on the Nazareth website and elsewhere to inform members of the campus community and visitors of the smoke-free, tobacco/vape-free campus policy.

Students are already provided access to tobacco cessation resources, and employees are as well. The policy will be communicated in appropriate college publications and contracts.

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