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2018 President’s Civic Engagement Awards, April 24

Published April 20, 2018

The time has come to recognize outstanding members of the Nazareth Community for their service and dedication to civic engagement. The President's Civic Engagement Awards are given annually to Nazareth members who have gone above and beyond the call to service and are dedicated to improving the community we share. The ceremony will be held Tuesday, April 24 at 4 p.m. in the Forum of the Shults Center. This event is free and open to the public. Nazareth College is located at 4245 East Avenue, Rochester, N.Y., 14618.

The following individuals are being recognized:

The President's Community Service Award for Students:
Each year Nazareth College recognizes students who have demonstrated a commitment to service, either to our own Nazareth College community or the greater community at large. This year's award recipients are:

  • Aubrey Baldauf, Kelsi Barnholt, Margaret Bateman, Gabrielle Bradley, Matthew Brunale, Ceara Curry, Leah Denny, Joshua P. Fess, Alyshea Francis, Shane Fuentes, Janee Greenidge, Harrison Kane, Juliana Joyce, Allison Kurthy, Chelsea Lebeck, Shaina Louis, Alexandria Lovejoy, Megan Maher, Emily Match, Alexandra Meyer, Emily Mroczek, Amelia Paas, Caitlyn Paris-Woods, DeVyne Parks, Kerry Powderly, Taylor Santabarbara, Sarah Schuler, Megan Searing, Jaxon Smith, Sarah Timmerman, Natalie Tyce, and Jenny Wess

The President's Community Service Award for Faculty, Staff and Community Partner:
Award nominees are members of the Nazareth community who make outstanding efforts providing volunteer service to the community. This year's award recipients are:

  • Faculty: Lisa Hiley, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor in Communication Sciences & Disorders; Julie Kunisch, O.T.D., Clinical Assistant Professor in Occupational Therapy
  • Staff: Kevin Broderick, Head Men's Basketball Coach in Athletics
  • Community Partner: Mike Dellaria, Owner of "Art Is On"

Partners for Learning Award:
The Partners for Learning Award is given to one senior from the Partners for Learning Program selected on the basis of exemplary commitment to the program, outstanding leadership, and contributions to the vision and excellence of Partners for Learning. This year's Partners for Learning Award goes to:

  • Rocky Williams Anthony Garofalo '18, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Jessica Shackelton Maclay Partners for Serving Award:
Jessica Shackelton Maclay was a Nazareth graduate from the Social Work Department who, as an Alumna, went on to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA, and was one of the founding coordinators of Partners for Serving and co-founder of Homework Help. Tragically, Jessica passed away in 2011. The "Jessica Shackelton Maclay Partners for Serving Award" was created to honor Jessica's life and community service legacy. This year's award goes to:

  • Shelby Peck '18, Occupational Therapy
  • Jenny Wess '18, Social Work

Service-Learning Champion Award:
The Service-Learning Champion Awards are giving to individuals that help support outstanding achievements through academic service-learning. This year's award recipient is:

  • Mireille Le Breton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French in Foreign Languages & Literature

Sr. Kathy Weider, SSJ Center for Spirituality Award:
The Sr. Kathy Weider, SSJ Center for Spirituality Award, is given to a graduating senior who significantly contributed to the furtherance of interfaith dialogue, contemplative practice and social justice in the Nazareth campus community and whose work has been informed by their own deep spirituality. The award is named after Sr. Kathy Weider, SSJ who served as Director of Campus Ministry at Nazareth College from 1984-2000. This year's award recipient is:

  • Ceara Curry '18, Music and Religious Studies

LGBTQ+ Education and Advocacy Award:
The LGBTQ+ Education and Advocacy Award is given to a student, staff and faculty member those who have had a positive impact on the LGBTQ+ community on campus through commitment to diversity of sexuality, gender identity, expression, orientation, and gender presentation by their actions, and by providing educational programs, creating safe spaces, ally ship, as well as supporting and promoting policies that center on LGBTQ+ matters. This year's award recipients are:

  • Student: Lori Cramer '18, Business Management and International Studies
  • Faculty: Yamuna Sangarasivam, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology in Sociology & Anthropology
  • Staff: Carey Backman, Director, Student Activities & Leadership

Martin Luther King, Jr. Award:
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards are given to a student, staff AND faculty member those who demonstrate commitment to the moral and spiritual values of nonviolence, commitment to peace and justice, commitment to promote campus diversity and acceptance, commitment to the poor in making sure that the dream lives on through speaking out against violence of word or deed, passing on the teaching of the dream, emulating his spirit of forgiveness, and carrying forth his legacy of unconditional love. This year's award recipients are:

  • Student: Ashley George '18, Psychology
  • Faculty: Mario Martinez, D.M.A., Associate Professor, Coordinator of Vocal Studies
  • Staff: Michael Ngadi, Area Director in Residential Life

Ms. Gaynelle Wethers Award:
This award is in honor of Ms. Gaynelle Wethers who was the founding director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Nazareth College. Ms. Wethers was instrumental in increasing racial diversity at Nazareth while establishing close ties between Nazareth and the larger Rochester community. The Ms. Gaynelle Wethers Award is given to a student, staff or faculty member who has worked toward enhancing racial diversity at the College while developing and maintaining a close relationship with the greater Rochester community. This year's award recipient is:

  • Lisa Durant-Jones, Ed.D., Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

President's Inclusive Excellence Award:
The President's Inclusive Excellence Award is given to an individual or department that has demonstrated commitment to advancing institutional goals for equity, diversity and inclusion as defined in the Nazareth College Statement for Diversity and Inclusion. The individual or department promotes inclusivity by creating programs (curricular and/or co-curricular) that encourage meaningful engagement within and across difference. These qualities are reflected in their daily practices (i.e. teaching, mentoring, programming, work, support, and advocacy) that aim to create a sense of belonging for all constituents in the Nazareth College community. This year's award recipients are:

  • The Ad Hoc Committee for Diversity and Inclusion Committee Members: Mohammad Ahamed, Sydney Bell, Carol Brownstein-Evans, Lisa Durant-Jones, Jamie Fazio, Nevan Fisher, Laura Jones, Diana Krenzer, Mario Martinez, Jo Ellen Pinkham, Yamuna Sangarasivam, Horace Smith, and Isaiah Tolbert

Global Engagement Award:
The Global Engagement Award recognizes an undergraduate or graduate student who exemplifies the values of service, solidarity, and effective cross-cultural engagement in an international context. This year's award recipient is:

  • Corey Rainboth, '16U, '18G, Masters in Social Work

Newman Civic Fellowship Award:
The Newman Civic Fellows Award honors inspiring college student leaders who have demonstrated an investment in finding solutions for challenges facing communities throughout the country. Nazareth is allowed to nominate one student for this award. The student who will participate in this national fellowship is:

  • Joshua P. Fess '20, History and Adolescence Inclusive Education

Alumni Association Senior Award:
The Alumni Association Senior Award recognizes a graduating senior who has made outstanding contributions that benefit both the Nazareth community and the community at large. Honorees demonstrate a dedication to the values espoused by Nazareth College: a concern for and commitment to underserved individuals; ethical personal and professional behavior; leadership; and living a life of meaning. This year's award recipient is:

  • Alyshea Francis '18, Finance

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