Post-Award Compliance


Sponsored Programs Research Misconduct
Financial Conflict of Interest for Federal Awards

In keeping with Federal Policies, federal awards require completing a conflict of interest tutorial online (which includes a test) as well as having an updated COI report on file:

Responsible Conduct of Research

Please contact the Director of the Office of Research, Scholarship, and Innovation at 585-389-2419. if you have questions about RCR training requirements.

Time and Effort Reporting

Time and Effort Report

As a recipient of federal funds, Nazareth College is required under the provisions of the Uniform Guidance to maintain systems and procedures that document the distribution of activity, and associated payroll charges, to each individual sponsored agreement.

Any person paid by (or with a commitment to) a federally sponsored award must certify that the salary committed is reasonable in relation to the effort devoted to the award. Effort reporting is the mechanism used to confirm that salaries and wages committed to each sponsored agreement are reasonable in relation to the actual work performed. Certification of an effort report must reasonably reflect the activity for which the employee is compensated by the institution.

Note that cost sharing commitments must also be confirmed through the effort report.

Allocation of Recovered Indirect Costs

It is the policy of Nazareth College to request the approved federal Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A or indirects) rate on all federal grants and/or contract proposals. Many foundations also allow F&A costs to be added to grants, and the allowed rate for each specific foundation or corporation should be requested.

Policy for Distribution of Indirects



Compliance with NYS MWBE requirements

Some NYS awards stipulate requirements for Minority and Women Owned Business Entity inclusion.  Please review the terms and conditions of the award to determine if this is applicable to the project.