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Clinical Assistantships

Save a third of the total tuition cost and gain valuable experience as a clinical assistant. A limited number of clinical assistantships are available on a competitive basis to full-time graduate students in the following graduate programs:

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Gaining Useful Skills

"As a clinical resident, I worked with many students at School #9 to support their literacy development. I tutored one-on-one, facilitated small ELA groups of struggling students, and assessed students' phonemic awareness skills. The experience at School #9 has taught me a variety of useful skills as an elementary teacher and as a literacy specialist — [including] interpersonal communication with English Language Learners, cultural awareness, flexibility, and strategies to engage students in reading and writing. I participated in the Clinical Residency program to support students who struggle with reading and writing in the Rochester area and to better enhance my skills as a developing literacy specialist."

— Anna Antonik '16, '17G, shared her work at CARS 2017 at Nazareth