Instructions to Apply for Teacher Certification

You'll use the TEACH website to apply for NYS teacher certification. The process will match your self-reported education and the certificate for which you apply with the recommendation submitted by Nazareth*. We can only recommend you for the most recent program you completed at Nazareth University. If you are applying for any other certifications, you will need to apply and submit transcripts through the TEACH system's individual evaluation process.

It might be helpful to print this page before you begin.

Get started:

  1. Go to the NYS Education Department TEACH website.
  2. Create a TEACH login and password at the New York State Directory Services. Instructions are provided as you proceed. See their FAQ page for more information.
  3. Select "Apply for Certificate."
  4. Verify/Update your profile.
  5. Enter your education information.
  6. Enter your work experience (does not apply for initial certification).
  7. Select certificate (select one certificate at a time): choose "Pathway: Approved New York Teacher Certification Programs"
    • Certificate area - choose certificate type: classroom teacher OR classroom teacher foreign language
    • Subject area - Example: Adolescence – Content Area; Childhood; Early Childhood; TESOL; Visual Arts
    • Grade level - Example: Early Childhood Birth – Grade 2; Childhood Grades 1-6; Adolescence Grades 7-12; Pre-K-12 All Grades
    • Select a title - Example: Adolescence – Content Area; Childhood; Early Childhood; TESOL; Visual Arts, Foreign Language
    • Select a type of certificate:
      • Initial Certificate**
      • Professional Certificate (professional requires three years teaching experience); see experience requirements for more information.
      • Internship Certificate
  8. Enter the program code for the certificate for which you are applying. View program codes.
  9. For professional certification only: If you are applying for any other certifications:
    • Do not choose "College Approved Pathway"
    • Click "NO, I do not want to apply through the Interstate Reciprocity."
    • For any other certifications you hold, you will need to click "NO, I have not completed, nor am I enrolled in an Approved Teacher Preparation Program at a New York State College or University"
  10. Sign affidavit
  11. Sign application
  12. Make payment. List of fees.
  13. For professional certification only: You will need to contact the Human Resource Department at your school district and have them complete the paid experience verification form and mentoring form on the TEACH System.

If you experience problems or technical difficulties, contact the State Education Department technical support at or 518-474-3901

Please note: This webpage is designed to provide guidance in navigating the New York State teacher certification application processes. While we are pleased to provide this assistance, please remember that your certification is your responsibility.