Meet the Interns: Alessio

Name: Alessio De Michele
Internship: NY Cosmos Training and Development youth soccer program
Graduation: 2017
Majors: Business management and Italian, minor in sport management
Interests: Soccer team co-captain, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee member, Italian tutor, Italian Club treasurer, Yoga Committee member, honors program, and leadership seminars at Nazareth. Member of the Greater Binghamton Football Club's NPSL team.
Distinctions: Spends summer vacations in Italy playing soccer for a local team.

"An internship for any kid is very important — it gives you working experience. Even if you don't get paid, the experience is worthwhile."

Interning at the New York Cosmos

    Alessio Demichel, Meet the Interns

    Alessio De Michele '17

    "I learned a lot here, mostly coaching things but also about what goes into making a professional soccer team run. From a coaching point, I've learned a lot of technical little things that I'd like to use in my future career."

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