Summer Start Program

Incoming freshman accepted into the HEOP and Young Scholars programs are required to attend a 4-week summer program of intensive academic, social, and cultural experiences to ease your transition to college. All Student Access and Achievement required paperwork must be completed, submitted and received to the university by June 14. Successful completion of the summer program is required for incoming freshmen to begin fall classes.

Timing: July 8 - August 2, 2024

During the summer program, HEOP students are required to take coursework that will count toward graduation requirements. The program is hybrid, part online and part on campus. Students will participate online Monday July 8-Friday July 19 & on campus Sunday July 21 - Friday August 2. All students are required to live on campus from July 21-August 2. Students will return to campus in August for the fall semester. Summer schedules will be based on your academic performance and your intended major. The following courses are offered during the summer program:

  • English (ENGS 10, HEOP only)   
  • Fundamental Ideas in Mathematics (MTHS 101, HEOP only)  
  • Equity, Bias and Personal Pivots (For Young Scholars only)

The department will fund required books for the summer. After committing to Nazareth University via the admissions dashboard, you will receive information with all the details regarding the Summer Start Program. All requested documents must be received prior to June 14, 2024, to attend Summer Start.

Nazareth Summer Start Students

Summer Program FAQs

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes, students are required to attend all Summer Start classes, workshops, and activities.

Where will I live for the summer?

Summer Start 2024 students will live in the dorm Portka for the second half of summer start.


Will meals be provided?

Yes all meals are provided when living on campus.

Will I receive college credit?

HEOP & Young Scholars students will receive university credit.

Can I have guests?

No, guests are not allowed on campus.

Can I leave campus?

If you have a signed form and phone call to the Director from your parent or guardian.

Can I bring a car?

No, not for summer start. Students are allowed to have a car when the fall semester begins.