Wingspan: Crowdfunding for Nazareth University

Wingspan is Nazareth’s new Crowdfunding platform, launched in fall 2023.

Nazareth University students, faculty and staff with a crowdfunding campaign idea are encouraged to apply. Before submitting an application, please carefully read the information on the Wingspan FAQ page.

Make sure that your project qualifies to be featured on Wingspan, your goal is realistic and that you and your team are willing to put in the time and effort to make your campaign a success.

Contact with any questions.

Elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign

If you have all three of these elements, you're likely ready to launch a Wingspan project!

  1. A passionate team. Your team leaders and project advocates will need to be committed to creating your campaign content/updates and to actively solicit donations throughout the entire campaign. Launching your crowdfunding page is only the beginning of the journey.
  2. A large crowd of supporters. Your team must be willing to personally reach out to family, friends, colleagues, alumni, etc. for support. It is recommended that each project advocate has at least 100 relevant personal contacts to solicit in person or via e-mail or text message. Regularly posting on your social media channels (both personal and those connected to your area of campus) is a must.
  3. A project that helps the Nazareth community. A project that connects with the Mission of Nazareth University and is supported by project advocates who are 100 percent invested in the cause are essential for a successful campaign.