Alumni & Parent Phonathon

The Nazareth University phonathon is a calling program that raises awareness of the importance of the Nazareth Annual Fund. Student callers reach out twice a year, in the fall and the spring, to ask for support on behalf of Nazareth University. We thank you in advance for participating!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nazareth Annual Fund?

The Nazareth Annual Fund is an important source of flexible revenue that provides immediate support to all aspects of the student experience from student financial aid and campus life to experiential learning and curricular development.  

Why are gifts from alumni so important?

Alumni participation rate is one of the seven factors considered by U.S. News & World Report when evaluating and ranking colleges and universities. Nazareth’s rankings affects its reputation, which can impact enrollment and the value of a Nazareth degree. 

High levels of alumni participation can also influence funding from corporations and foundations who want to invest in successful organizations that others are supporting too. 

A gift to Nazareth is meaningful for many reasons!  

Why do people give to Nazareth University?
  • They believe in Nazareth’s future – Nazareth has opened doors for many people and they show their appreciation for the College by giving back. They want to see Nazareth continue to transform the lives of future graduates. 

  • They feel connected to a specific program or department – Many people have a special affinity with an academic department, athletics, the arts, or a special initiative. They show their pride by making a gift to that particular area. 

  • They want to invest in their own degree – By helping Nazareth remain strong, the degree alumni earned remains valuable. Their gift is a nod to the quality education they received at Nazareth. 

  • They want to pay it forward – Many alumni received scholarships or financial aid while attending Nazareth and they want to help provide similar opportunities to students today.

Why a Phonathon?

The phonathon ensures every effort has been made to reach our alumni and parents. Calling provides a direct connection with the College through Nazareth students who are grateful to learn about others’ Nazareth experiences and enjoy providing updates on all that is new and exciting on campus.

What number is calling me?

Calls from Nazareth phonathon are routed through phone number 585-389-2418. Other phone numbers our students use are: 585-380-3101, 3102, 3104, 3105, 3108 and 3110. If you have caller ID it will say “Nazareth University.”

Is it safe to share my credit card information over the phone?

Giving your gift with a credit card makes the most of your gift. It helps Nazareth save processing and mailing costs. Your credit card information is immediately entered into our secure, online giving page and is never stored or saved.

Meet the Nazareth University Student Callers


Carly '25



Carlie '26

Undeclared: Open Path


Emily '21 & '23G

Physical Therapy

*Phonathon Team Lead*


Hannea '24

Dance and Social Work


Juliana '26

Museums, Archives, and Public History 


Lila '26

Music Therapy

Maggie headshot

Maggie D. '24

Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education & English

Maggie headshot

Maggie P. '25

Business Leadership


Sylvia '26

Music Education


Vanessa '25

Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education & Psychology


We would love the opportunity to speak with you but if you don't want to wait for the call, you can give online at any time.

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