Partners Council

Partners for Learning Council consists of the Site Coordinators of each site, Student Co-Coordinators, and Staff Coordinator. Council meets bi-weekly throughout each semester to discuss site updates, workshops, news/problems, and ideas about Partners for Learning.

Partners Council Member’s roles include:

  • Work with Program Coordinator and Student Coordinators regarding staffing assignments.
  • Review the goals and the handbook of the Partners for Learning program.
  • Give input and help to run reflection groups and workshops.
  • Work together to problem solve issues concerning Partners.
  • Communicate with Coordinators, Partners, Teachers and Administrators as appropriate.

There will be at least two coordinators for each site for Partners for Learning.  Site Coordinators should be experienced Partners and have excellent leadership abilities.

Site Coordinator’s roles include:

  • Serve as liaison with teachers, administrators, Partners assigned to site, and Program Supervisor, and Coordinators.
  • Aid in the orientation of new Partners to the building, and to their cooperating teachers.
  • Assist in planning, making placements, and ordering materials.
  • Take an active role in leadership for daily activities at the sites, i.e., reflection, planning, trouble shooting.
  • Must attend Partners Council meetings.

There are many different skills that a Site Coordinator needs to possess and practice often in order to effectively and efficiently do their job. Some important skills to be aware of include leadership, communication, supervision, and collaboration/community building.