How do I make an appointment for an evaluation or therapy services?

York Institute clinics are part of Nazareth University's clinical education programs, and services are scheduled according to the semester calendar. Clients are selected each semester based on therapeutic needs, specialty offerings, clinic space, and student clinician/supervisor availability. Please call or email the contact for the particular clinic you are interested in. Clinics are closed during semester breaks.

What happens if I'm on a waiting list for clinic services?

If a clinic manager is able to schedule services for you for the upcoming semester, you will be contacted. If you are not scheduled and would like to remain on the waiting list, please inform the clinic manager.

How much do services cost? 

Most clinic evaluation and therapy services are available at no or low charge. Services that have a charge are available on a sliding scale. If you would like to make a donation to a clinic or the York Institute to support our work, you are welcome to do so.

Who provides clinical services?

Student clinicians under the direction of certified and licensed professional supervisors.

May I receive services for more than one semester?

Services may continue longer than one semester as deemed appropriate and necessary by the clinic manager. Being accepted as a client for one semester does not guarantee ongoing services.

I'm receiving one kind of therapy and am interested in another York Institute clinic.

Ask your student clinician or clinic supervisor about internal clinic referrals.

Are services offered during Nazareth breaks? Can I contact clinics during breaks?

Most clinics operate during the Nazareth University fall and spring semesters, and may not have staff available during the summer or vacation breaks. (In addition to the regular fall and spring semesters, the NC3 also operates May-June, and the Speech-Language Clinic operates July-August.) During the summer and other vacation breaks, you may leave voicemail messages or send emails, and someone will respond as soon as possible when the University is back in session.

Are Nazareth clinics competing for clients/patients with other service providers in the community?

No. Our intention is to fill gaps and to provide services for underserved individuals or those who need specialty services that are not available elsewhere. Our clients may be underserved because of financial or geographic reasons; they may not have insurance, may have exhausted their insurance benefits, or may not have access to services in the community.