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Mission and Vision


The mission of Nazareth College is to provide a learning community that educates students in the liberal arts, sciences, visual and performing arts, and professional fields, fostering commitment to a life informed by intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and aesthetic values; to develop skills necessary for the pursuit of meaningful careers; and to inspire dedication to the ideal of service to their communities.

Nazareth seeks students who want to make a difference in their own world and the world around them, and encourages them to develop the understanding, commitment, and confidence to lead fully informed and actively engaged lives.


Nazareth College will be nationally and internationally recognized as a comprehensive educational institution that provides its students with transformational experiences and integrates liberal arts, sciences, visual and performing arts, and professional education at the undergraduate and graduate levels and that places special value on student success, diversity, inclusion, civic engagement, and making a difference in local and global communities.

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Why I Teach

Ask a Nazareth College professor why he or she teaches, and the answers range widely: lifelong love of the subject matter, the rewards of watching students grow, an inspirational teacher of their own, a passion for education as a transformational experience. But behind these reasons lie the joy they all feel— the joy of discovery, sharing of knowledge, and inspiring new scholars and professionals. Read More »