Nazareth University

In a historic move, and as Nazareth prepared to celebrate 100 years of educating students for their life's work, the institution officially became Nazareth University on June 1, 2023.

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Beth Paul

“A powerful foundation” for the best impact students can have.

Christie Smith

“Greater awareness and opportunities”

Steve Tajc

The university name supports grants for research and instrumentation.

Why switch to Nazareth University?

The New York State Board of Regents changed the definition of a university in 2022 to align with what other states have long done — to recognize higher education institutions that offer a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including graduate programs in at least three state-specified discipline areas.

Nazareth has offered significant graduate offerings since the 1950s, so this name change makes Nazareth officially become what it's been for decades.

As a result of Nazareth's significant graduate programs, it has long been included in the masters category in the Carnegie Classification of higher education institutions. More than 92% of masters institutions outside of New York state are already named "university." Nazareth couldn't pursue "Nazareth University" until New York state changed its regulations in January 2022.

Nazareth has a doctorate of physical therapy program and more than 25 master's level graduate programs in education; music and arts; health and human services; business and leadership; and humanities and social sciences.


Yousuf George

“A close-knit and supportive community… none of that will change.”

Maddie Young

“We should really showcase what we have.”

Eileen Daly, SSJ, trustee

“It’s another time of changemakers… taking the college another step farther.”

Benefits to becoming a university

  • Elevated academic status. Nazareth will be in line with other similar universities nationwide. Nazareth has long been included in the masters category in the Carnegie Classification of higher education institutions, and more than 92% of institutions outside of New York in this category are named “university.”
  • More accurate recognition and competitive recruitment. The change addresses Nazareth’s stature among higher education institutions nationwide and around the globe and the perceived value of a Nazareth degree. In much of the world, “college” refers to what are called high schools in the United States, which makes it harder for a “college” in New York state to attract international students and faculty.
  • The name enables better showcasing of the extensive ways that Nazareth educates students to be changemakers and progress builders. Nazareth University will thrive in attracting students who seek the value of a Nazareth education.


Maureen Finney

“It finally sheds a light on the jewel that we have here.”

Gabbie Lawyerr

“Saying Nazareth University just gives me a feeling of pride.”

Danielle Abramson ‘08

It’s “going to set Naz up for an even stronger future.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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