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Academic Policies and Procedural Information

Academic Policies

Monitoring Academic Policies

The Provost monitors student complaints received in the office of the Provost. As appropriate, the Provost is responsible for referring issues that emerge from this process to the Academic Policies and Procedures Committee, the Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standing or the Graduate Advisory Council, which are charged with recommending or reviewing revisions to academic policies relating to undergraduate and graduate students.

Academic Policies and Procedures Committee:

Charge: The committee resolves problems related to academic issues and develops and revises academic policies and procedures as necessary. For significant policy changes, the committee makes recommendations to the Dean’s Council and seeks approval from them before making changes. 

Chairperson: Director of Academic Advisement

Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standing

Charge: Review the records of undergraduate students who are not in good academic standing and who are therefore subject to probation or dismissal. This committee is responsible for upholding the college’s academic standards as outlined in the undergraduate catalog and for making determinations on student appeals of their academic standing.

Chairperson:  Associate Vice President for Retention and Student Success

Graduate Advisory Council

Charge: The Graduate Advisory Council is responsible for providing leadership and advocacy of plans and initiatives for graduate education. In this capacity, the Council will be available to work collaboratively with administration, and other members of the college community, as strategic partners in monitoring the overall health and advancement of graduate education with a goal to create a strong graduate student experience.

ChairpersonAssociate Provost 

Other Policies and Procedures:

Academic Affairs General Information

Academic Affairs Administrative Offices

Dr. Maureen F. Finney ~

Associate Provost
Dr. Maria Hopkins ~

Associate Vice President for Experiential Impact
Ms. Emily Carpenter ~

Dean, College of Interprofessional Health and Human Services
Dr. Cathy Rasmussen ~

Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Sciences, Business, and Education
Dr. Thomas Lappas ~

Interim Dean, College of Visual, Performing Arts, and Design
Dr. Mario Martinez ~

Center for International Education
Dr. Nevan Fisher ~

Center for Student Success
Ms. Amy Fisher ~

Honors Program
Dr. Stephanie Zamule ~

Institutional Research and Assessment
Ms. Julie Rao ~

Lorette Wilmot Library
Ms. Cathy Doyle ~

Office of the Registrar
Registrar - Rachel Scott ~

Office of Research, Scholarship, and Innovation
Ms. Margaret Murphy ~ 


College of Interprofessional Health and Human Services

Dr. Cathy Rasmussen ~   

Communication Sciences & Disorders
Chair: Dr. Megan Tobin,

  • Graduate Speech-Language Pathology Program                            
    Acting Director: Dr. Melissa Johnson,

Creative Arts Therapy
Chair: Dr. Stephen Demanchick,

  • Graduate Art Therapy Program
    Director: Dr. Emily Genovese,
  • Graduate Music Therapy Program
    Director: Dr. Betsey King,

Chair: Dr. Mary Dahl Maher,

Occupational Therapy
Chair: Dr. Julie Kunisch,

Physical Therapy
Chair: Dr. Andrew Opett,

Public Health

Social Work
Chair: Dr. Leanne Charlesworth,

College of Liberal Arts, Sciences, Business, and Education

Dr. Thomas Lappas ~

Chair: Kelly Hutchinson-Anderson,

Biomedical Sciences
Program Directors:
Dr. Lauren Brooks, and
Dr. Sanela Lampa-Pastirk,

Chair: Dr. Stephen Tajc,

Clinical Lab Sciences
Program Director: Dr. Matthew Schoell,

English & Communication
Chair: Dr. Gregory Foran,

Ethical Data Science
Program Director: Dr. Wendy Norris,

Global Sustainability
Program Director: Devparna Roy,

Program Director: Dr. Rebecca Fahy, 

History, Politics  and Law
Chair: Dr. Isabel Cordova,

Legal Studies
Program Director: Dr. Noel Wolfe,

International and Global Studies Program
Program Director: Dr. Nevan Fisher,

Chair: Dr. Heather Lewis,

Chair: Dr. Scott Campbell,

Chair: Dr. Douglas Gutheil,

Religious Studies
Chair: Dr. Corinne Dempsey,

Sociology & Anthropology:
Dr. Otieno Kisiara,

Women and Gender Studies
Program Director: Dr. Yamuna Sangarasivam ~

World Languages and Cultures
Chair: Dr. Hilda Chacon,

School of Business and Leadership

Associate Dean
Dr. Joseph Porter,

Undergraduate programs

Graduate Programs

  • Global Business and Leadership
    Program Director: Mr. Joseph Porter,
  • Human Resource Leadership
    Program Director: Mr. Stephen Hill,
  • Strategic Marketing
    Program Director: Mr. Bryan Adams,
  • Leadership and Organizational Change
    Program Director: Mr. Mark Weber,


Associate Dean 
Dr. Shanna Jamanis, 

Chair of Academic Affairs
Dr. Cindy McPhail,

Chair of Student Affairs
Dr. Meg Callahan-Steckley,

School of Education Undergraduate Programs

  • Undergraduate Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education
    Program Director: Dr. Shanna Jamanis, 
  • Undergraduate Inclusive Adolescent Education Program
    Program Director: Dr. Margaret Callahan-Steckley,

School of Education Graduate Programs

  • Graduate Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education Programs
    Interim Program Director: Dr. Susan Sturm,
  • Graduate Inclusive Childhood Education Programs
    Interim Program Director: Dr. Susan Sturm,
  • Graduate Inclusive Adolescent Education Programs
    Program Director: Dr. Rui Cheng,
  • Graduate Literacy Programs
    Interim Program Director: Dr. Laura Jones,
  • Graduate TESOL Programs
    Program Director: Dr. Rui Cheng,
College of Visual, Performing Arts, and Design

Interim Dean
Dr. Mario Martinez ~

Art & Design
Chair: Dr. Doot Bokelman,

School of Music
Director: Dr. William Hudson,
Associate Director: Dr. Jared Chase,

Theatre & Dance
Interim Co-Chairs: Matt Ames,
                                 Heather Roffe,

Honor Societies

Phone and email is available in the Nazareth Directory. Search for the last name of the honor society's contact person.

  • American Council of Academic Physical Therapy - National Physical Therapy Student Honor Society, Jennifer Fay & Mary Therese Novak
  • Gamma Kappa Alpha – National Italian Honor Society, TBD
  • Lambda Pi Eta – National Honor Society for Communications Studies, TBD
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon – International Honor Society for Economics, Joe DaBall-Lavoie
  • Phi Alpha, Kappa Lambda Mu Chapter - National Honor Society of Social Work, Leanne Charlesworth
  • Phi Alpha Theta – National History Honor Society, Tim Thibodeau
  • Phi Eta Sigma – National Honor Society for Freshmen w/High Scholastic Achievement, Mary Anne Parker  
  • Phi Kappa Phi – All Discipline Honor Society, Tim Thibodeau
  • Phi Lambda Upsilon – National Chemistry Honor Society, Stephen Tajc
  • Pi Delta Phi – National French Honor Society, Mireille Le Breton
  • Pi Gamma Mu – International Social Science Honor Society, TBD
  • Pi Kappa Lambda – National Music Honor Society, John Reef
  • Pi Lambda Theta – National Education Honor Society, Meg Callahan-Steckly
  • Pi Mu Epsilon – National Mathematics Honor Society, Heather Lewis
  • Psi Chi – National Honor Society in Psychology, Ryan O'Loughlin & Christy Fessler
  • Sigma Beta Delta – International Honor Society for Business, Rose Hair
  • Sigma Delta Pi – National Spanish Honor Society, TBD
  • Sigma Iota Rho – International Affairs Honor Society, Olena Prokopovych
  • Sigma Phi Omega – National Honor Society of Gerontology, David Steitz
  • Sigma Tau Delta – International English Society, Suhail Islam
  • Sigma Theta Tau International Pi Psi Chapter – National Honor Society of Nursing, Marie Bell
  • Theta Alpha Kappa – Religious Studies Honor Society, Thom Donlin-Smith

Endowed Chairs

Rose Marie Beston Endowed Chair
The Kilian J. and Caroline F. Schmitt Endowed Chair
William H. Shannon Chair in Catholic Studies Endowed Chair
Rosemary White Endowed Chair Of English and American Literature

Teaching Excellence & Student Success Awards

Faculty Accomplishments