Why Choose Nazareth for Chinese?

The Chinese degree program at Nazareth University is an immersive experience that provides students with concentrated training in Mandarin, the standard modern Chinese language.

In addition, students are exposed to the literature, history, culture, arts, and religions of China. The emphasis will be on preparing students for further study as translators and interpreters, and for corporate and government service, as well as preparing them for advanced study in the language and culture.

Program Highlights

  • Nazareth is the only Rochester, NY area college or university to offer a Chinese major, while the demand for competency in the language and culture continues to rise.
  • The program’s faculty comprises professors from multiple areas of study including history, art, and Asian studies. The faculty includes native speakers.
  • Students at Nazareth have access to fully equipped language labs as well as opportunities to participate in study abroad opportunities in China.
  • The job market for proficient individuals continues to grow as companies in domestic and international markets actively seek employees with competence in the language and culture.
  • Ten courses are taught at the 100, 200, and 300 levels, taken on campus and at Shandong Normal University, Nazareth’s partner school in China.
  • Students must study abroad in China at least one semester, with two semesters strongly encouraged.

Program Details

Kyla Partridge, global studies and Chinese language major, bachelor of arts degree, Nazareth College

Alumni Spotlight

“Studying abroad for two semesters in China gave me an unforgettable and incredible experience that has made me more competitive in my field and helped solidify my passion for the language,” says Kyla Marie Partridge '16, a double-major in Chinese and international and global studies with a minor in economics. “My goal is to pursue a career in foreign service. My professors have gone out of their way to help me be successful and develop skills that will help me to excel in my field.”

Example Careers

  • Importer/exporter
  • Immigration and customs
  • Journalist or travel writer
  • Teacher or professor
  • Textbook author or editor
  • Tour guide
  • Translator or interpreter