Study Abroad

Studying abroad is worth it!

The world is ready for you to explore! Nazareth University offers you a choice of programs with international internships, service-learning, and/or connections to your major. Many students consider study abroad to be one of the most transformative experiences of their entire time at Nazareth. Wherever you go, expect to develop workforce skills like critical thinking and problem solving, learn adaptability, and increase your cross-cultural competency. In addition, a recent survey by IES Abroad (International Education of Students), finds that students who studied abroad experienced:

  • increased hire-ability - read alum Rob Faulds' experience
  • jobs secured more quickly after graduation
  • higher starting salaries
  • higher grad school acceptance rate

Expand your Worldview!

Learn another language!

Make new friends from around the world!

Experience other cultures and traditions!

Boost your self-confidence and become self aware!

Be curious!

Look at the world from a different perspective!

Explore new cuisine!

Find new interests!

And so much more...

Get ready to immerse yourself in a whole new world!






All current study abroad programs are SPARK eligible for qualifying freshmen, sophomore and transfer students. If a program is not SPARK eligible, it will be explicitly stated on the program webpage. Students, please read about the requirements of the SPARK Grant if you think you are eligible.






228 Naz students studied abroad in 2022-23