Art Education

Master of Science in Education


  • Learn to present the study and creation of art in exciting and meaningful ways, while continuing your lifelong development as an artist.
  • Nazareth University is among the most highly respected colleges and universities in New York state for art education. This M.S.Ed. program meets National Art Education Association standards for teacher preparation.

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Classes meet one evening a week


Traditional (on-campus), hybrid (half online), and online classes offered


Complete in as fast as 4 semesters full-time


Fieldwork and student teaching for initial certification

Program Options

Initial certification (48 credits)

Program is ideal for:

  • People with an undergraduate degree in studio art, art history, or museum education seeking initial teacher certification (for birth through grade 12). If your undergraduate degree was in another field, you must complete 30 undergraduate credits in studio art (including 6 credits in art history) to apply for the program.
  • People who've taught in after-school programs, private studios, or extracurricular art programs and want to transition into public education.
  • Educators who want to incorporate teaching, art, research, and advocacy for the arts into their classroom. Unlike larger programs that are entirely research-based, Nazareth's holistic program builds in time to support your development as a practicing artist.

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Professional certification (36 credits)

Professional is ideal for:

  • Initially certified teachers wanting to become professionally certified in art. Our studio classes — such as drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, book design, and computer graphics — expand your repertoire as an artist and enhance your teaching of general art.
  • Educators who want to incorporate teaching, art, research, and advocacy for the arts into their classroom. Unlike larger programs that are entirely research-based, Nazareth's holistic program builds in time to support your development as a practicing artist.

Catalog: Professional certification program requirements and course descriptions »

High Quality

All programs in the Art and Design Department are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). This accreditation means that our faculty, curriculum, and facilities meet or exceed national standards.

Curriculum Examples

  • Artist-Teacher/Researcher Identities
  • Arts Across the Curriculum
  • Issues in Art Education
  • Foundations of Learning in the Arts
  • Diverse Learners in Art Education
  • Visual Books
  • Fibers and Innovative Craft Traditions

Making Grad School Affordable

Grants, scholarships, veterans benefits, partner benefits, loans, and undergraduate loan forgiveness are options for paying for this grad degree. Are you committed to teaching in high-needs schools? See if you are eligible for the Teacher Opportunity Corps II (TOC II) Scholarship.


Leading a public arts project

“The art education program demands professionalism and excellence, and inspired me to raise my expectations on what I could accomplish with the arts in education," said Marissa Lehner ‘15G, director of Ferry Street Corridor Project. She secured a $100,000 National Education Association grant to launch the education-based public arts program in Buffalo.

Her first grad class required her to participate in an arts advocacy project in the community, which led to her making valuable connections and drew her to work in lesser-known neighborhoods. "The studio classes I took expanded upon my skills in the areas of design, computer graphics and sculpture. The program made me a more versatile project director and creative in problem solving throughout the project.”

What to Expect

  • Nazareth's affordable cost for grad teaching degrees makes this high-demand certification within reach, enabling you to fill a needed teaching position in a school district in the local region or beyond.
  • Graduate with real-world experience. Initial-certification seekers run their own classroom in our on-campus Saturday Art School community program for grades K-12, as field work prior to student teaching.
  • You have the option to study abroad for a semester, taking studio classes at L'École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués (LISAA), a private college in Rennes, France that partners with Nazareth.
  • You can choose to get specialized preparation in working with children with autism. See details about the Interdisciplinary Specialty Program in Autism (I-SPAN) specialization.
  • Nazareth's full-time director of clinical experiences and partnerships and full-time certification officer provide you with strong support, including prep for certification exams and facilitating hands-on experiences with students. If you're working in a school district, this can include facilitation with your own school district so you can meet degree requirements while keeping your job.
  • Your full-time career coach for education (part of Nazareth's nationally recognized Center for Life's Work) is available for resume, interviewing, and job search guidance.
  • Additional guidance and support is available from your individual academic advisor and from the School of Education's director of academic support services.
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Renowned for Art Education

    "Everyone I know that has graduated the art education program has a job."
    Professional Licensure Disclosure

    Nazareth University curriculum is designed to help students complete the NASAD accredited bachelor’s and master’s curriculum in Art Education and meets educational requirements in New York to apply for Initial Certification, Visual Art B-12 or Professional Certification, Visual Art B-12.

    Nazareth University has not determined whether completion of the bachelor’s or master’s curriculum degree in Art Education meets the requirements for certification in other states.

    –Samantha Nolte-Yupari, Ph.D.,