Today's leaders face great challenges dealing with disruptive changes, uncertain environments, multiple stakeholders, and financial pressures. The Master of Science (M.S.) Leadership and Organizational Change program focuses on leadership and organizational change as the key components of an institution's or firm's growth and success. The mission of the program is to prepare students to become enlightened transformational leaders so that they can deal effectively with those challenges. You will learn to efficiently and strategically use your resources to help sustain and grow your organization.

Key Program Features

  • Become an effective transformational leader who's able to change people and organizations and strategically drive outstanding performance in fast-paced and turbulent environments.
  • Focus on personal and professional growth and relationship building to increase self-awareness and social awareness, which fuels outstanding leadership.
  • Action learning in a team-based classroom environment builds competencies and teamwork skills.
  • Innovative, accelerated 2-year cohort program meets one weekend a month (9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday) on campus, and online.
  • Integrated experience plus convenience and service make your degree work seamless and pleasant.


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Gigi Lamb

"Leadership involves engaging, motivating and inspiring others. Faculty and staff at Nazareth are not only consummate professionals in their field, but they are leaders who exhibit the right attributes our students can, and do, learn from." — Gigi Lamb, EchoStone Opco executive, Nazareth trustee


Online and monthly weekend classes


Complete in 24 months


Cohort program experience


No GMAT/GRE entrance test required

Program is Ideal for

Emerging leaders and experienced professionals in:

  • Accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and business
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Health, engineering, technology. scientist, and technical managers
  • Government and military

Curriculum Examples

  • Leadership Assessment & Development
  • Team & Conflict Management
  • Leadership and Decision-Making Analytics
  • Creating High Performance Organizations
  • Organizational Strategy & Systems Thinking
  • Organizational Consultation
  • Leading Organizational Change

Value of your Degree

  • Skilled leaders are in short supply: "58% of all U.S. companies say their number one strategic priority is closing their current leadership skill gaps." — 2016 Northeastern University survey
  • "A leadership gap or deficit may have one of two causes: when leaders are focused on the right competencies, but haven't sufficiently mastered them, or when leaders are not focused on the right skill areas." — Jean Leslie, Director of Strategic Initiatives, "The Leadership Gap," Center for Creative Leadership.
M.S. in Leadership & Organizational Change Traditional M.B.A.
Develop transformational leaders Develop technical managers or administrators
Focus on developing emotional intelligence, teamwork, and change Focus on traditional management disciplines (accounting, finance, operations)
Innovative two-year cohort monthly weekend program Traditional full-time and part-time programs
Focuses on professional/personal growth and relationship building Focuses on professional development with analytical and quantitative skill building 

Why Nazareth?

"Leaders today face new expectations to engage teams, migrate through times of change, and achieve new levels of performance. This program is designed to help emerging and experienced leaders work on real-world scenarios in a collaborative peer group, while gaining knowledge and learning new skills to immediately use."

Larry O'Meal, Corp. V.P., Learning and Organization Development, Excellus BCBS

What to Expect

  • Develop emotional and leadership competencies.
  • Practice-focused program helps you transfer leadership skills to colleagues, ultimately leading to success for the organization.
  • Focus on organizational change and transformation as key areas of effective leadership, to become a change agent.
  • Apply individual and team capabilities to help non-profit community organizations during a full-semester project
  • Receive individualized personal and professional development to foster career promotion and mobility

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Sydney Bell

"Our small class sizes and collaborative online environment encourages us to speak up, share our perspective, and learn from students with backgrounds and work experiences different than our own." — Sydney Bell, '20G

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