Why Choose Nazareth for Legal Studies?

Law is the cornerstone of our political, social, and economic systems, and it's essential in a broad variety of professional areas. All organizations — from multinational corporations and federal agencies to small businesses and local nonprofits — operate in a complex and dynamic legal environment. Effective navigation of the changing legal terrain is crucial to organizational success. Understanding the legal environment is a clear advantage to college graduates seeking jobs and careers in a variety of industries and professional fields. 

The legal studies degree at Nazareth University is designed for students whose graduate study and career prospects will be enhanced by the knowledge of law, as well as the skills of logical analysis, effective communication, and ethical reasoning.

The major introduces students to our judicial system, fundamental concepts of law, and major areas of legal practice. It also develops those skills of analysis and communication that are essential in all areas of professional work. Students are encouraged to connect their learning with their career goals by choosing elective courses from one of five tracks designed to complement diverse graduate study plans and professional aspirations.

Program Highlights

  • Nazareth’s legal studies major is the only self-standing and interdisciplinary program of its kind in Upstate New York and one of the few such programs in the nation offered at small liberal arts institution.
  • Majors have the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to their interests and career plans by choosing elective courses from one of the five tracks:
    • Public Policy, Politics, and Government
    • Nonprofit Management & Advocacy
    • Business & Administration
    • Criminal Justice
    • Law
  • Required courses in logic, rhetoric, and ethics provide students with fundamental skills valuable in all working environments and professional fields.
  • The program has strong relationships and a great reputation with a number of local legal organizations, and all majors experience a professional environment through the required internship.
  • Small class sizes, personalized attention from faculty, and individual career guidance enhance our students’ learning and success after graduation.
  • Current students and graduates benefit from connections with a broad and supportive network of Nazareth University alumni in law, public service, and other relevant professional fields.
  • Legal studies majors may go on for an accelerated, discounted law school degree through Nazareth's 3+3 B.A. to J.D. partnership with Syracuse University or University at Buffalo.
Olivia Fontana, alum of legal studies major, BA degree at Nazareth College & JD Syracuse law school

Alumni Spotlight

In her second year at Syracuse University College of Law, Olivia Fontana '17 was already helping clients rebuild their lives. Read her story »

Example Careers

  • Federal, state, and local government
  • Policy institutes and lobbying
  • Advocacy and non-profit organizations
  • Attorney
  • Paralegal
  • Law enforcement
  • Criminal justice
  • Finance
  • International business
  • Public relations

Internships/Field Experiences

  • James Nobles Criminal Defense
  • Underberg & Kessler LLP and other Rochester area law firms
  • Monroe County District Attorney, Probation Department, and Public Defender
  • New York State Attorney General’s Office for Consumer Affairs
  • Empire Justice Center
  • Semester internship in Washington, D.C.

Graduate Schools/Employers

  • Master’s degree programs in Business Administration (MBA), Non-Profit Management, Public Policy (MPP), Public Administration (MPA), Health Administration (MHA), Human Resource Management (MHRM), Political Science, and Public Relations
  • Law school (J.D.)

Prepared for Law School

    Rachel Baranello '08 talks about how Nazareth prepared her for law school and her career.