Environmental Studies

The environmental studies program at Nazareth College is interdisciplinary, consisting of courses for students interested in exploring the interactions between society and the environment. Environmental studies students will think critically about how their lives and careers are connected to our natural and built environment. Environmental studies focuses on behavior, attitudes, beliefs, and human relationships, while environmental science — another minor at Nazareth — focuses on the natural science of the environment.

Students completing the environmental studies minor will explore questions such as:

  • How do interactions with our environment affect our health, well-being, and relationships to one another?
  • How and why are environmental amenities and hazards distributed unequally? 
  • What can individuals do to create a healthier, more sustainable future?

This minor may particularly suit students interested in:

  • social justice
  • conservation
  • public health
  • outdoor activities
  • ethics and compassion
  • pollution
  • animals
  • technology
  • sustainability
  • culture

Program Requirements and Course Descriptions

Environmental Studies (minor)

Environmental studies program at Nazareth College