Not sure what you want to major in? At Nazareth, you don't have to figure it out alone.

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Ongoing guidance

The Undeclared: Open Path Program offers workshops, advisement, and even socializing — so you're immediately part of a group. In a weekly course, you'll measure your strengths, explore majors and careers, and work through an informed decision-making process.

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Experience and Exposure

Experiential learning and Nazareth’s core curriculum introduce you to many possibilities — while you build writing, reasoning, and problem-solving skills needed in any career. Your career coach and our community engagement team can connect you to opportunities that fit your interests — and a Nazareth SPARK grant can help you study abroad, conduct research, or do an internship.

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Combination Options

Nazareth's 60+ majors and 70+ minors enable great combinations to customize your education and enhance your marketability. Business management major + marketing minor, for example. Music therapy major + neuropsychology minor. Public health major + analytics minor. Or choose a minor of special interest, such as toxicology, a foreign language, or music.

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You're in Good Company

Almost a third of Nazareth students enter college unsure about their major. With individualized guidance, you'll explore and soon narrow your focus. You'll graduate confident, excited, and well prepared to define your life's work.

Hannah Eberle, Undeclared, Nazareth College

From Undecided to Double Major

Choosing a university with a strong program that guides undeclared majors helped Hannah Eberle go from undecided to happily double-majoring.

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Jacob Kabat

Finding his Path

Jacob Kabat found the Exploring Self, Majors, & Careers course — and guidance from faculty and staff — helped him find his good-fit major.

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