Religion in Contemporary Culture

The religion in contemporary culture program at Nazareth College encourages the study of the role of religion in current social trends and issues. Students in this program examine recently evolving forms of religion, developments in the field of religious studies, and the new forms classic religious questions take under changing social conditions.

Contact Information

Susan Nowak

Susan Nowak

Professor & Chairperson in Religious Studies
Golisano Academic Center 301

Education: B.A., Nazareth College; M.A., Temple University; Ph.D., Syracuse University

Teaching and Research Interests:
Since my introduction to the study of religion as an undergraduate, I have been fascinated by the startling similarities and unexpected differences between and among world religions. When connected to my research interest in feminist thought, Holocaust studies, and interfaith dialogue, this fascination has led to sometimes disquieting, but always thought-provoking, insights.

Religion in contemporary culture program at Nazareth College