Why Choose Nazareth for Philosophy?

The philosophy major at Nazareth University is not simply about asking life's big questions. It is rigorous and intensive training for the mind, requiring an unflinching spirit of inquiry and the highest order of intellectual discipline.

Our program focuses on the history of philosophy ranging from the Ancient Greeks to the 21st century feminists. Students will read a variety of authors and their works—from Plato to Emerson, Aquinas to Heidegger, and Kant to Nietzsche. The philosophy degree program is unique in that students have the opportunity to study abroad; Nazareth offers 70+ study abroad programs in Hungary, and elsewhere.

Some of our students go on to pursue graduate studies and careers in academia, either in philosophy or a related field. Philosophy also provides the skills and breadth of knowledge required for a wide range of professions.

Program Highlights

  • A close-knit community of scholars devoted to the debate and study of philosophical issues.
  • Emphasis on critical reading, writing, and thinking, and on cultivating the skills needed to make reasoned arguments.
  • Opportunities for independent research and study abroad.
  • Upper-level seminar-style classes with training in the philosophical method.
  • A wide variety of courses that explore philosophy's relationship to virtually all aspects of society.
  • You have the opportunity to save time and money on a law school degree through Nazareth's 3+3 B.A. to J.D. partnership with Syracuse University or University at Buffalo.

Preparing Changemakers

Learn to analyze arguments, think critically, and reason ethically. These skills will enable you to identify the ethical implications of ideas and actions, to promote a more just society, foster your own personal development, and contribute to the well-being of others.

Liam Connolly, philosophy major, philosophy degree program, Nazareth College Rochester, NY

Alumni Spotlight

Liam Connolly '12

Fulbright Award recipient

Connolly says a Naz professor "took me under his wing and pushed me to reach my full potential. He continually challenged me to reach for those next steps and opportunities. His influence and ease of access defined a lot of my experience at Nazareth." 

As a Fulbright winner, Connolly taught English in South Korea and used his experience on the Nazareth soccer team to work in community outreach involving athletics. He went on to Tufts University for a graduate degree in law and diplomacy and a one-year fellowship at AMANDLA Edufootball in Cape Town, South Africa, using sport to teach life skills to children in communities ravaged by gang violence and drug/alcohol abuse.

Connolly became executive director of Safe-Hub Philadelphia, a youth development program that empowers youth and changes lives through sport.

Student Spotlight

    3+3 Law Degree

    Interested in a law degree or a career in law? Save time and money through Nazareth's partnerships with Syracuse University College of Law and University at Buffalo School of Law..

    Example Careers/Outcomes

    • Law
    • Business
    • Education
    • Public/government service
    • Religious studies
    • Technical writing

    Study Abroad

    • 7.4% of Nazareth students study abroad (compared to 4.7% of college students nationally).
    • Nazareth's study abroad programs in more than two dozen countries can help you expand your knowledge and experience.

    Graduate Schools/Employers

    • Syracuse University
    • Duquesne University
    • SUNY Geneseo
    • Nome Community Center, Nome, AK