FlyerConnect Networking & Mentorship

More than 34,000 alumni share the common bond of the Nazareth experience — a great starting point for networking and career development opportunities for alumni and current students.

  • Connect with other alumni to provide or get career guidance on topics ranging from an occupation to relocating to a new city.
  • Offer to let current students (you can limit how many and when) connect with you for a conversation.

How do I get started?

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Join Our Community."
  3. Sign in using your MyNaz information, LinkedIn account, or a valid email address (we'll confirm your Naz affiliation).
  4. Complete your profile. (Hint: you can import information from your LinkedIn profile to make things easier; you'll see directions to download a PDF of your LinkedIn profile once you've logged in.)
  5. Start exploring the platform: Ask questions, explore the tabs, and reach out to fellow alumni.
  6. Still have questions? Check out the FAQs page or email
Alyson Mullie

Alyson Mullie '12 started at Naz unsure of her major, so she is excited to help current students sort out their own path. A conversation with Emily Veras '24 through FlyerConnect helped Emily realize and switch to a major she's excited about. Mullie says, "My interaction was awesome. As a busy person, I'm always worried about time commitments, but it was easy to use the platform.... Talking about my profession in a broad sense not only reminded me why I chose my career field, but reminded me of the many great experiences I had at Naz and the people who took the time to answer these questions for me when I was an undergraduate. It felt good to feel connected to the Naz community in a way that I haven't since graduating."

Nick Ambrose

Nick Ambrose '04, an administrative VP & finance manager at M&T Bank, Buffalo, is offering informational interviews to current students, like finance major Andrew Gengler '23. "Given the pandemic, this type of platform will provide a great resource for students in the absence of more traditional networking opportunities," says Ambrose.