About the Board

The Alumni Advisory Board will provide advice and guidance on alumni engagement strategy to Nazareth’s Alumni Engagement staff.


To celebrate, engage, enrich, and continue a lifelong connection with Nazareth University.


Alumni will discover and act upon the power to make a difference in Nazareth’s future.


Membership in the Alumni Association consists of all persons who have earned an undergraduate or graduate degree from Nazareth University. Additionally, those who have earned the equivalent of one academic year as students of Nazareth University will be considered members of the Alumni Association.


New Members
Duties & Expectations

Statement of Diversity & Inclusion

We define diversity as a continuum of individual, group, and social differences, both visible and invisible. This definition compels us to confront inherent privilege, power, and marginalization to achieve equity and social justice. Diversity at Nazareth is concerned with, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious and spiritual belief, ability, national origin, veteran status, age, and those individuals with cultural characteristics that have been historically underrepresented and underserved.

Nazareth University is dedicated to inclusion, the active pursuit of conscious and sustained practices and processes that value and respect differences. This commitment to diversity and inclusion informs our curriculum, teaching, learning, scholarship, creative activities, co-curricular activities, residential life, community involvement, and support of these endeavors by the Nazareth Community.

This commitment includes:

  • engaging in a continual process of education, critical self-reflection and dialogue regarding privilege, power, and marginalization,
  • promoting greater access and inclusion through systemic and structural change, and
  • ensuring that all students, faculty, and staff reach their fullest potential individually and collectively.

This endeavor is essential in meeting the goal of preparing our students and ourselves for meaningful lives in a diverse and global society.

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