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The Center for Life's Work offers a variety of credit- and non-credit-bearing courses in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. While many of these courses involve an experiential component, our staff also teach career and leadership courses to undergraduate students.

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Changemaker: Leading for Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (BLDR 331) - 3 credits
This course develops leadership competencies of effective Changemakers. The course incorporates social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and design thinking as means to address global and local challenges. The course employs experiential learning such as service-learning, project-based learning, and direct engagement with innovators and leaders. Course Codes: B. Prereq: PEQ Social Science.

Exploring Self, Majors and Careers (CDL 101) - 1 credit
This course is designed to assist students with the process of exploring self, majors, and careers. Activities will include assessment of interests, skills, values, and personality traits, and methods for using this information toward career and life planning will be taught. Students will also be introduced to major and career exploration resources. Open to Freshmen and Sophomores only.

Job Search and Professional Preparation Communication (CDL 200) - 1 credit
Overview of the internship and job search process with a focus on how to proactively find and successfully secure these experiences. Students will enhance professional communication (developing resumes, cover letters, networking notes, online presence, and interview skills). Through course activities, students will build their network with alumni and professionals in their chosen field(s).

Exploration of Healthcare and Helping Professions (HHS 100) - 1 credit
This course explores healthcare and related fields that make a positive difference in the world. Students will be encouraged to engage in self-reflection as they hear from guest speakers and explore professions on their own through course assignments. The goal of the course is to help students identify a concurrent career path if their desired academic program is not accessible. Limited to Health Professions Exploratory students. Instructor permission required.

Healthcare Careers: Meet Your Team (SCI 100) - 1 credit
This course will provide students the opportunity to explore assorted careers in healthcare, but to also gain insight into the numerous different contributors of a comprehensive healthcare team. 

Disney Internship (OCL 401) - 3-12 credits
Semester spent participating in the Disney College Program. Permission of Disney College Program liaison is required.

DC Internship (OCL 301) - 3-15 credits
Semester spent participating in the Washington Internship Institute program. Additional course fee required. Permission of Washington Internship Institute Director in Center for Life’s Work required.

Internship (OCL 283) - 0-credit
Pre-professional guided learning experience with the student spending at least 5 weeks for a total of at least 50 hours of time at an internship site. Students complete a site agreement, learning goals, and a reflective paper. Performance and site evaluations occur at the end of the semester. All college policies related to internships apply. Course Codes: B. 50 hours of field work required. Permission of Internship Director required.

Summer Opportunities in Activities of Research and Scholarship (OCL 285) - 0-credit
SOARS Research Experience includes a 10 week experience under the mentorship of an approved faculty mentor. Research experience may be completed on or off campus. The experience should result in a presentation at the Annual CARS celebration.

Research Exploration (OCL 373) - 0-credit
Research Exploration includes 50 hours of experience plus assignments. Research experience may be completed on or off campus. A faculty mentor or off campus research mentor will determine project expectations and provide mentorship. The academic assignments will include seminar and presentation at Annual CARS celebration. SPARK-eligible course.

Career and Professional Exploration (OCL 383) - 1-credit
One credit SPARK internship course. Requirements: 50 hours of experience plus assignments (academic portion completed online). Permission of Internship Director required.

Interdisciplinary Internship (OCL 483/484) - 1-15 credits 
This course is designed to provide academic internship credit for students who are pursuing an internship in an area outside of their major or program. Internships are a practical guided learning experience at a business or organization with the student spending at least 10 weeks (8 weeks in the summer) for a total of at least 120 hours of time at an internship site. Supervised placement provides experience appropriate to the student's knowledge, skills and interests. In addition to the on-site activities, students take steps to customize and craft the internship experience, complete reflective activities, and connect their experiential learning with their academics via course assignments. Performance evaluation assessment of the internship and self-assessment of learning occur at the end of the semester. All college policies related to internships apply. Permission of Internship Director required.

Performing Arts Fieldwork (OCL 385) - 1 credit
Explore the professional world of the performing arts by working with professional artists/ companies and related organizations, or music/theatre training institutions as approved by the department. Additional requirements include reflective assignments, which will connect curricular experiences to the exploratory experience. A presentation or performance (at CARS or similar event) is encouraged. 50 hours of field work required. 

Looking for a new way to get experience during this unprecedented time?  Naz is offering a new way to do just that - and to fulfill the Experiential Learning (EL) core curriculum requirement. 

Project-Based Experiences (OCL 183)

  • Student Information Sheet
  • Complete short projects (25-50 hours) remotely, either independently or in collaboration with a team, as a way to build connections, gain experience, and develop new skills.
  • OCL 183 is a pass/fail 0-credit course (no tuition cost) with an academic component (completed virtually) created by Nazareth as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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