The Nazareth University Event Planning Team can help you with your next event. Nazareth has many diverse locations to host events of different sizes.

Getting Started

Event Types

We host a wide variety of campus special events for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and non-Nazareth groups and organizations

Special events are classified as non-academic (not related to a course offering), administrative, educational, cultural, and social functions. This includes but is not limited to meetings, lectures, symposia, workshops, receptions, weddings, rehearsals, luncheons, banquets, conferences, performances, practices, competitions, and parties/dances. Event classifications are the following:

Nazareth Sponsored (Presented by Nazareth Only)

Co-Sponsored (presented by Nazareth and an external organization/business) *Insurance and Facility Use Agreement required*  **Personnel costs paid for by external organization/business**

External Rental (strictly a facility rental) *Insurance and Facility Use Agreement required*  **Facility rental and personnel costs paid for by external organization/business**

Please click on the event link above for more information.

Event Details

Event Space Scheduling (25Live)

Naz campus community: All space on campus must be reserved through the 25Live scheduling software. (Requires Nazareth login.)

Use 25Live »

Events with Minors

Protection of Minors Policy

Protection of Minors - Nazareth Sponsored Events

Nazareth students, faculty, and staff who participate in Nazareth-sponsored Programs or activities involving minors must complete online training in advance of their participation.  

1. If you already have an account with UE (ex: participated in non-harassment/discrimination training or driver safety training), you must contact Human Resources to have the training assigned.

2. If you do not already have an Edurisk account, you simply type in your name and email address, and you will receive an email with a temporary password to access. Scroll down on the landing page to take the training.

Protection of Minors - Non-Nazareth Sponsored Events

Organization members must read the above Nazareth Protection of Minors Policy, complete the facility use agreement with protection of minors acknowledgment and submit to the Office of Campus Operations.

Event Promotion

Promoting your event is a vital way to showcase what you are doing. 

Events for Students

  • Submit your event via 25Live (use these 25Live written instructions or video guide). In that process (if the event is open to students), select "yes" for "promote to students." That's the only way to have your event appear on Naz website event calendars and in the Naz mobile app.
  • Submitted events must be formatted before they are published, so submit them well in advance (ideally at least one week) to allow processing time by Marketing and Communications.
Event Registration & Payment

Eventbrite is your one-stop shop for event registration. Eventbrite forms can collect payment. See the guide for Eventbrite usage.

If you are interested in using Eventbrite for your upcoming event and have questions, please contact Jean Hoyt.

Insurance Requirements

Certificate of Insurance is needed for any external event and co-sponsored event.

Need insurance for an event? Purchase insurance here.

Event Parking

If you have guests from off campus that require parking for an event, please have them complete the temporary parking form.

For each event, the Event Planning and Campus Safety departments will determine the parking.

Here are samples of the available signage.  Please contact Valarie Wilson for use of signage.NazEvent3-24-1.jpg

Media Resources/Equipment

If your event requires a projector, screen, or audio equipment, contact Information Technology: or 585-389-2111.

To ask Naz Media Resources to video record your event, complete the Audio/Video Production Request Form.

Room Setups

If you have a specific request for how you would like your room setup, please submit a work order.  See Work Order information.


Nazareth University is committed to providing equal access to college-sponsored events. Student Accessibility Services can help departments in facilitating accommodations. The host department should provide a disability accommodation statement on event postings (online and in print). The host department is responsible for arranging accommodations and consulting Student Accessibility Services with any concerns. 

Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made at least one week prior to the event. Please fill out this Accommodations Form if you need to request help with accommodations.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact Student Accessibility Services if they are uncertain about how to provide the requested accommodations.

If someone needs an interpreter for an event, we can arrange that through the local agency Interpretek. Please send via email handouts or speeches to be used at the event that could be helpful for interpreters to look over ahead of time.


Animals are not permitted in campus buildings with the exception of assistive or public safety animals.

Nazareth University is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to personal or group property.

Homemade food is not allowed at events on campus.

Sale or serving of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited without prior permission from Nazareth. If allowed, distribution will be conducted exclusively through the Nazareth’s designated food service contractor who will obtain and hold the alcohol permit.

Furniture cannot be removed from any event space unless it is pre-approved by the Event Planning Team.

Nazareth University is a tobacco-free and vape-free campus.


10 x 10 tents can be requested through Facilities/Events Planning Team.

Any tent over the size of 10' x 10' requires a permit with the Town of Pittsford. The Town of Pittsford requires 5 weeks notice to process the permit. Department host pays for the cost of permit ($250.00) and cost of tent. Contact Brian McGahan to start the process.

Inflatable Swoop Request Form

Please fill out the request form if you are interested in having Inflatable Swoop at your event.

Food and Drink


Food can be ordered from Nazareth Campus Catering Services by calling 585-389-5161 or going to our website at, or emailing A notice of seven business calendar days is required. Cancellations for food orders will be accepted up to 48 hours prior to the event. Naz Catering has a right of first refusal for all on campus catering. Organizers of Nazareth’s internal events may apply for a waiver by filling out this waiver form. However, outside groups are required to utilize Nazareth Catering Services when serving food.

Due to Monroe County Health Regulations, we cannot support serving or selling homemade food on campus. However, we do support purchasing food from a commercial retailer and selling it on campus for the purpose of fundraising.


If you are planning on serving alcoholic beverages at your event you must comply with the current campus policies and NYS regulations on the use of alcoholic beverages. Nazareth Dining Services currently has a permit from the NYS Liquor Authority that authorizes them to serve alcoholic beverages in the Shults Center and the Arts Center. We can obtain the required permit for serving alcohol at your event in additional locations, but you will be required to make the request a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. In accordance with the NYS Liquor Authority laws, no exceptions will be made.

Summer Camps

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