NazCard ID

Students, faculty, and staff: Carry your NazCard, which identifies you as a member of the Nazareth community and provides these services:

  • Opens doors: Residence halls, computer labs, dining halls, fitness center, and special-access locations.
  • Meals: Accesses your meal plan in dining halls
  • Dining Dollars: Used as a debit card at Millie’s Café, the Cabaret, and Roost. 
  • Library: Your ID is your library card and lets you check out books and other items at the library.
  • Bookstore*
  • Photocopying dollars*

*Requires a deposit to your NazBucks account.

NazCard FAQs

How do I get my photo on a NazCard ID?

New students:

  • Send a head-and-shoulders photo with a solid background in .jpg format to
  • You also must include a legible photo or scan of your driver’s license or high school ID. No NazCard photos will be processed without this additional documentation.

New staff and faculty: Please come to the Campus Safety office (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and have a picture taken. This only takes a few minutes.

When do I get my card?

Students: Visit the Campus Safety office in 21 Shults Center to pick up your NazCard.

Staff and faculty: Visit the Campus Safety office in 21 Shults Center to get your NazCard on your first day of work.

What if I am having problems with my card?

Visit the Campus Safety office in the basement of the Shults Center. This office is staffed around the clock, 7 days a week. Replacement cards are available at no cost.  

What is a NazBucks Account?

NazBucks is a declining-balance debit card. You determine the amount of funds to deposit for bookstore purchases and library copies. As you swipe your card at various locations, the funds are deducted and your balance declines.

Where can I apply money to the NazBucks account on my ID card?
naz card used to enter building