NazCard ID

Students, faculty, and staff: Carry your NazCard, which identifies you as a member of the Nazareth community and provides these services:

  • Opens doors: Residence halls, computer labs, dining halls, fitness center, and special-access locations.
  • Meals: Accesses your meal plan in dining halls
  • Dining Dollars: Used as a debit card at Millie’s Café, the Cabaret, and Roost. 
  • Library: Your ID is your library card and lets you check out books and other items at the library.
  • Bookstore*
  • Photocopying dollars*

*Requires a deposit to your NazBucks account.

NazCard FAQs

How do I get my photo on a NazCard ID?
When do I get my card?
What if I am having problems with my card?
What is a NazBucks Account?
Where can I apply money to the NazBucks account on my ID card?
naz card used to enter building