Nazareth is excited to provide a mobile phone-based app called Safe@Naz. This app is designed to provide immediate connection to resources in an emergency, become the primary communication tool with Campus Safety, and provide quick and easy access to safety resources (on and off campus).

For students, staff, faculty, and visitors. 

Get the app

1. Download the free app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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2. Sign in.

  • Students, faculty, and staff: Sign in with your Nazareth credentials (same ones you use to access your Nazareth email). If you have problems, please contact the Information Technology Services help desk
  • Guests and visitors: “Sign in as Guest”

Safe@Naz services


  • Use direct links to emergency resources, on and off campus. 
  • Chat with Campus Safety within the app for any on-campus emergencies. Chats are monitored at all times and provide two-way communication. Or call Campus Safety from the app.
  • Off-campus emergencies: Select 911 via phone call or via text (in Monroe County), from the app.

Special Supports (24 hours)

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: Call 988 nationwide. 
  • National Poison Control Center: for questions about possible ingestion of poison and toxic materials and emergency response recommendations. 

Additional app features

If you have your location enabled in the app, and if you are on campus, your location will be provided to Campus Safety if you select “Send Help.” If possible, also call Campus Safety at 585-389-2850 to provide details regarding the situation, injury, or condition of concern. 

  • Noticed something that needs attention? You can submit a report form (this form is not anonymous), call Campus Safety, or chat with Campus Safety (from inside the app). 
  • Social Escape allows you to get out of a tough social situation by having the app call you at a designated time. This may provide an excuse for you to leave the uncomfortable situation. Follow the prompts on in the app. (This feature is provided by our outside partner and does not involve Campus Safety nor Nazareth University.)
  • Friend Walk:  Although Nazareth is a very safe environment, you might want to have a friend keep an eye on you as you’re walking home late at night. Go to the Friend Walk section of the app to share your location with a friend so they can watch and make sure you reach your destination in real time. This service is available on and off campus. (This feature is provided by our outside partner and does not involve Campus Safety nor Nazareth University.)
  • I’m OK: Send a quick, customizable message to a person of your choice saying that you are OK, with your current location. (This feature is provided by our outside partner and does not involve Campus Safety nor Nazareth University.)

A convenient location of additional support resources available at Nazareth University. Direct links to the Campus map and Emergency Plans. As well as a link to safety related campus resources (see below). 

If you or a friend is struggling and need support, there is a list of safety related resources directly on the app. Even if you don’t need these resources today, it may come in handy in the future.

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Emergency: Call Campus Safety, chat with Campus Safety. Off campus: Call 911, SMS with 911.
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