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Information Interviewing - Major

Faculty and students are a tremendous source of information when facing decisions regarding choice of major or area of certification. Students tend to shy away from these valuable resources because they don't know how to proceed or they don't know what questions to ask. Gathering information directly from these sources is called "Information Interviewing". Information interviewing can be of the most assistance if you use the right approach and prepare an agenda ahead of time. Preparation will ensure that the concerns you have will be addressed, and the questions you have will be answered. What follows are step-by-step guidelines for interviewing for information, as well as a list of questions you might consider asking during your interview.

Choosing a Major

Academic Related Questions
Career Related Questions
Graduate School Related Questions
Questions for Students Currently Enrolled and Recent Graduates

Conducting the Interview with a Faculty Member / Department Chairperson

1. Call in advance and arrange for an appointment
2. Be prepared
3. Determine time available for your meeting
4. Follow-up