Career Coaching

FlyerConnect for Students

As a Nazareth student, you now have access to a powerful online and in-person network of diverse mentors. Joining and engaging with FlyerConnect can help you build connections with alumni and non-alumni professionals (both local and global) and with Naz faculty and staff.

Use FlyerConnect to:

  • Connect with alumni by aligning your interests and/or career goals with theirs.
  • Join groups with alumni who have similar interests and backgrounds.
  • Look for opportunities to meet with a variety of mentors for singular conversations.
  • Meet with alumni once or build a mentoring relationship that can last from a few weeks to many months (or even years!).
  • Arrange for informational interview opportunities.
  • Get career-related answers from discussion forums.
  • Find resources to help with your career process.


How to use FlyerConnect