Career Coaching



Research Organization and Industry
Review Past Experiences
Practice Interview Questions
Questions for the Employer
Know Where You're Going
What to Have at Hand


General Tips & Tricks

Thank You Note


Common Mistakes

  • Not knowing anything about the company and clearly not having done any research prior to the interview, indicating a lack of interest in and enthusiasm for the company and position.
  • Not providing enough detail and specific examples when answering questions about skills/past experiences.
  • Being negative and complaining about past employers and/or experiences.
  • Not maintaining good eye contact.
  • Not exhibiting poise and self-confidence (ex: offering a weak handshake).
  • Not using professional language, such as saying "yeah" instead of "yes" and saying "like", "you know", "um" and "uh."
  • Arriving late for the interview.
  • Not having questions to ask the employer (see Questions to Ask).
  • Having a poor personal appearance.
  • Lack of clear and realistic career goals.