Networking is just building relationships

Start with people you know. Make a list of everyone you know well (family, friends, parents of friends, friends of parents, and anyone you’ve worked or volunteered with). Set up a meeting with each person on your list (in person or virtually)

  1. Tell them what you want to do as clearly as you can. You’re not asking them for a job/internship; you’re asking for information about your chosen field or additional insights that will help you with future opportunities.
  2. If the person you are talking to is receptive to helping, try  asking for 2 or 3 contacts from them who might be directly linked to a job/internship in your chosen field. Ask them to help you set up a meeting with these contacts.
  3. Make sure to send them a thank you note- especially if they were particularly helpful.

If you are meeting with contacts directly in your field, It is important to make a strong first impression.

Networking with a professional in your field

  1. Do your homework. One of the most impressive things to a professional is someone who comes prepared. Read everything you can about the person and their organization.
  2. Ask for information:
    • About the job itself
      • Duties/responsibilities
      • Necessary degrees/training
      • Most important skills
    • About job hunting
      • Know what organizations hire regularly
      • How do organizations find applicants
  3. If the person you are talking to is receptive, ask for additional contacts in the field.
  4. Give them your resume.
  5. Send a thank you note shortly after your meeting.

Virtual Networking

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    Here’s the kind of network you’re looking to build:


    alumni networking event