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Center for Life's Work (CFLW) can help you pursue your life's work, wherever you are. Resources, tutorials, meetings, and events are available virtually.

Virtual Appointments

Career Coaches welcome the opportunity to meet with you virtually. Contact us or make an appointment through Handshake.

CFLW Online Resources

Awato - Assessments to help you find a career or major


Awato offers a variety of assessments (interests, inclinations, and values) to determine career options to consider. Throughout the assessment process itself, you'll gain greater self-awareness. Awato asks the “why” rather than simply the “what.”

Simply visit the Awato website ( and create an account with your Naz e-mail address. After you've completed the assessment(s), reach out to your career coach to discuss the results. It's that simple!

Big Interview - Practice interviewing

Big Interview.jpg

Big Interview is an online system that combines training AND practice to help improve your interview technique and build your confidence.

CareerShift - Search engine designed for jobs, internships, and networking


Be bold and network. CareerShift is the pro-active piece to your search. Search, store and organize: jobs, contacts in companies, school alumni, targeted alerts, create targeted company lists, store documents, and email targeted contacts. Tutorials are inside your account. 

FlyerConnect - Network with alumni


As a Nazareth student, you now have access to a powerful online and in-person network of diverse mentors. Joining and engaging with FlyerConnect can help you build connections with alumni and non-alumni professionals (both local and global) and with Naz faculty and staff.

Use FlyerConnect to:

  • Connect with alumni by aligning your interests and/or career goals with theirs.
  • Join groups with alumni who have similar interests and backgrounds.
  • Look for opportunities to meet with a variety of mentors for singular conversations.
  • Meet with alumni once or build a mentoring relationship that can last from a few weeks to many months (or even years!).
  • Arrange for job shadowing opportunities.
  • Get career-related answers from discussion forums.
  • Find resources to help with your career process.

Exploring Majors and Careers


Tutorial: What Can You Do With This Major?


    Searching for Jobs and Experiences


    Post-Grad Service Year

      Why Post-Grad Service is Right for You
      Post-Grad Service Year Search Tools

      Tutorial: CareerShift


        Tutorials: Meetings, Interviews, and Networking


        Tutorial: Big Interview

          Tutorial: Linkedin

            Building Your Linkedin Profile
            Connecting and Interacting on Linkedin

            Tutorial: Using FlyerConnect


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