Center for Student Success

Study/Zoom Rooms

The following spaces are available as quiet study spaces that students can use to engage with synchronous Zoom classes or virtual visits with campus offices.

  • Clocktower Classroom (available by swipe access to all Nazareth students)
  • Kearney Classroom (available by swipe access to Kearney Hall residents only)
  • Library (available to all Nazareth students)
    • Private study rooms 101, 103, 106 (across from the Technology & Media Service Desk, basement level)
    • Private study room 239 (next to Library Instruction Room, room 240)
    • Library Instruction Room - room 240 (available when not in use for library instruction)
    • Tutoring area (lower level near Computer Lab room 122)
  • Shults 002 (Previously half of the Shults Fitness Center - available by swipe access to all Nazareth students)

Guidelines for use:

  • Face coverings┬ámust be worn at all times while using these spaces.
  • Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • These are not lounge spaces and should not be used for socializing.
  • Other than the private study rooms in the library, these are shared spaces, so it is important to be considerate of others using the space.
  • Please use headphones when connecting to synchronous classes, virtual meetings, or whenever connected to a device with audio.
  • Each of these spaces has WiFi access. Bring your own device to connect to the internet.
  • Furniture layout has been designed in compliance with 6-foot distancing. Please do not move the furniture.
  • There is a sanitation station in or adjacent to each space, which should be used to wipe down furniture before and after each use.
  • Food and beverages are permitted in these spaces, although eating should be limited to snacks. Students must clean up after eating or drinking as part of the sanitation process when they are done using the space.

Other spaces

The campus has many other places for students, including for small group work. These spaces may be noisier and have more distractions.

Lounges and nooks exist across campus, including student collaboration spaces in the York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute, on the second floor in Smyth Hall, in Peckham Hall, and in the Arts Center (including near the fireplace). There also are additional rooms in the library for group study, such as the rare books room, the Merton room, and the third-floor Phi Kappa Phi room.

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