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Pass/Fail Grading


What should I do if I want to pursue a Pass/Fail option in one of my courses?
What is the timeline for pursuing the Pass/Fail option in a course?
How does a change to Pass/Fail impact my credits and GPA?
What if a course I am taking has a grade prerequisite for the next course in a sequence? Will taking it P/F allow me to continue in the sequence?
My academic program requires a minimum grade in certain courses. Would a P/F grade work for those courses?
If I want to pursue P/F in a course with a co-requisite, like a lecture and lab, do I have to take the P/F in both or can I have one P/F and keep a standard letter grade in the other?
Will an S grade transfer to another institution?
What is considered "passing" in the Pass/Fail option?

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