Center for Civic Engagement

Partners for Serving

The national award-winning Partners for Serving (PFS) program gives students the opportunity to engage with youth and adults in a variety of settings at human service agencies throughout Rochester. As a part of the Center for Civic Engagement, students in PFS mentor, tutor, and facilitate activities for children, youth and adults in a variety of settings.

Each placement is designed to help meet the needs of the agency while strengthening developmental relationships between Nazareth students and community members. These interactions allow students to improve their ability to work effectively with youth and adults with backgrounds and experiences diverse from their own.

Through employment in PFS, Nazareth students improve their professionalism, establish a connection with the Rochester community, learn to recognize societal inequities, and gain a greater understanding of community solutions in Rochester and beyond. Training and reflection are a required part of the Partners for Serving program.

PFS partners with: 

  • Refugees Helping Refugees
  • Saint's Place
  • Salvation Army's Genesis House
  • Catholic Family Center's Sanctuary House & Place of Hope
  • The Community Place of Greater Rochester
  • Generation 2 at School #3 & School #45
  • Episcopal Senior Life's Brentland Woods
  • YWCA
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Experiential Learning

Partners for Serving is an approved pathway for Experiential Learning, which is one component of the Uncommon Core at Naz.

Leadership Program

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